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Drive your dream with Bowater's

Z Bowater Motor's loves being Good in the Hood.

It is great to be Good in the Hood, and with two Z stations in the Bowater Motor Group that gives us double the amount of money to give away! We have a great section on the website full of articles, video and photos of some of those charities that we have been Good in the Hood with. Click here to learn more.

The BMG Mini for Nelson Cancer - a chance to give back, and a chance to be properly involved.

Written by Media Manager.

Martin from the Richmond Mall with Wakefield Caffeine Crew member, and BMG Mini restorer, ex mechanic Bob Croy.


Sometimes you can be involved in a project that is a whole lot bigger than the project itself.
The depth of the idea is multi faceted and evolving.
In a lot of ways the BMG Mini for Nelson Cancer has taken on a life of it's own as the raffle comes to a close and ticket holders eagerly await the results of the draw at the Wakefield Police station on Thursday 30th January.

Alot of people, and local businesses alike, have embraced the sentiment of those behind the BMG Mini raffle as they know that they are directly supporting those in our local community affected by cancer, their caregivers, and the Cancer Society Nelson, who do such wonderful work. The end goal of this project has always been about raising both money and awareness for use by the Cancer Society Nelson through their Relay for Life charity fundraiser. This is where the concept was born by Bob and his fellow Relay for Life "Caffeine Crew" team members, and this is ultimately where the money raised will return.

One surprise for all involved was the depth of community support that other local businesses have showed for the fund raising. The local media such as the Nelson Mail, and the community papers such as The Nelson & Waimea Weekly's, as well as Wild Tomato and the Nelson Leader have all run wonderful articles following the journey of the BMG Mini for Nelson Cancer. We have been following it's progress closely on our website as well ( The Richmond Mall and the Bowater Motor Group came together and facilitated getting the raffle ticket sellers into the Mall along with the Mini itself.

When the tickets went on sale the project certainly took another turn, with it moving from a purely mechanical one into a more community based one. Everywhere you turned the BMG Mini was there for the 2 months that the tickets have been on sale. Other local businesses were keen to be supportive by buying books of tickets. One such business was Proper Crisps out in Stoke.

We have had a little bit to do with the Proper Crisps team late last year with our Bowater Toyota Propertunity to guess how many packets of Proper Crisps could be perfectly packed into the new Prado. When they heard about the BMG Mini for Nelson Cancer, the story behind it, and the task ahead, they were "properly" excited, and keen to be involved without hesitation.

proper crisps
James Bowyer (Proper Crisps GM) with Mina & Ned (owners) of Proper Crisps with their book of tickets.

We took a quick trip out to see them in their Stoke factory where their delicious treats are hand made and packaged to be sent around the world. The whole team felt proud to be able to support such a great cause, a cause they felt was so very important because of the huge impact cancer makes on the community, and the sheer volume of lives that it touches.

proper crisps and tickets

They were also keen to win the BMG Mini - they reckoned the yellow paint job would be the perfect background for their logo to turn it into a mobile Proper Crisp dispensation delivery device!

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