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Congratulations to the winners of this collection of not so mini prizes

Written by Media Manager.

bmg mini for nelson cancer
front row: Chris Bowater with Bob & Lynn Croy and the BMG Mini, along with Tony Bowater, Senior Constable Peter Cobeldick and the rest of the Wakefield Caffeine Crew

Today at 1pm a palpable buzz of excitement descended upon the gathered crowd outside the Wakefield Police Station. This assortment of Wakefield Caffeine Crew members, sponsors, Cancer Society Nelson representatives, and friends of all involved had come together to witness the culmination of several years worth of hard work.


Those that attended the Wakefield Police Station for the official drawing of the BMG Mini for Nelson Cancer raffle also witnessed the conclusion of a very successful fundraising campaign, with the prizes drawn at the hands of local officer Senior Constable Peter Cobeldick.

The first prize, and the prize dearest to our collective hearts for all of the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into it, was obviously the fully restored 1975 Morris Mini Mark 3. The daffodil yellow car has been a part of our landscape since it first arrived on the scene back in early 2012. The parts department of Bowater Toyota have had a major part to play in the restoration of this car as they have sourced and provided most of the required parts for the restoration. Most of these have been brand new parts; proving that age, make and model are no match for the professional Parts Team at Bowater Toyota. 


With a nervous excitement Wakefield Caffeine Crew team leader Bob Croy gathered as many as could fit into the confines of the local Wakefield Police Station as the draw was made. The BMG Mini was won by Levin school principal Trevor Jeffries, who as it turns out bought his ticket at the Nelson Saturday Markets whilst here over the New Year to enjoy the Woollaston Jazz and Blues Festival.

The moment the first prize, the BMG Mini, was drawn.

The biggest winner on the day however was not Trevor Jeffries or the other 3 winners of the 3 other quite significant prizes, it was the Cancer Society Nelson. The BMG Mini for Nelson Cancer raffle has raised over $100,000 for the charity; money that will go directly back into the local community, helping those in need, and supporting those support their loved ones as they deal with their collective cancer experience.

The other raffle prizes were won locally, with 88 year old Nelson woman Joan Wright winning a House of Travel package worth $18,000; Richmond's Debbie Smith all set now for a weekend at Awaroa Lodge in the Abel Tasman National Park complete with Water Taxi shuttles; and Brightwater's Lavinia Livingston coming home with a Hanmer Springs pamper package. Congratulations to all!

The next stage in the project is to organise a prize giving event where we can have a final send off for the BMG Mini, and a chance to thank everyone that has been involved in the project. So for now the BMG Mini has returned back to base at Bowater Toyota.


A massive thank you to everyone that has been involved with the BMG Mini for Nelson Cancer project.

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