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The locals love the Toyota Hilux. It has been the regions top selling new vehicle for a very long time. There is a reason for that. We live in a demanding area, and the vehicles we need to use on the land need to be tough enough to cope. The Toyota Hilux has proved time and time again that it is, that is why the companies that rely on it keep coming back. Click here to learn more about the all new 2016 Toyota Hilux. 

Mini restoration for maximum impact

Written by Media Manager.

BMG Mini
From left, Martin Reid, John Bruce and Bob Croy are part of a group who will restore this 1975 Morris Mini and sell it to raise funds for the Cancer Society Relay for Life in two years' time.

Article from the Nelson Mail 31/03/12.

This year's Cancer Society Relay for Life may have only finished a few weeks ago, but a group of Wakefield men whose lives have been affected by the disease are already working to raise money for the next one.

Retired mechanic Bob Croy, retired carpenter John Bruce, and retired teacher and tinkerer Martin Reid have joined forces to restore an old Mini to sell at the 2014 relay, with all profit going to the Cancer Society.

Mr Croy's wife and younger brother are both cancer survivors, and he has lost a sister and mother to the disease.

The idea came when the group were recovering from this year's Relay for Life, and discussing how they could raise even more money for the next relay in two years.

Mr Croy found a 1975 Morris Mini Mark 3, which had only had two previous owners and had done less than 58,000 kilometres.

He paid $750 for the car, but hoped to sell it for as much as $20,000 once it has been restored, he said.

Mr Croy said the group was keen for help from the community, which could be in the form of tools, expertise, or even sponsorship.

The plan was to paint the finished product "Daffodil Day yellow", but Mr Croy said if a company wanted to sponsor it, he would paint it whichever colour they wanted.

This year's relay had been his first, and he looked forward to doing even more to help next time.

"It's a special feeling. I couldn't believe the feeling seeing the lanterns," he said.

Mr Bruce, a prostate cancer survivor, said he was looking forward to the challenge of restoring the car. "I've done one before, it's a lot of work," he said.

Mr Reid, whose family have also been affected by cancer, said the project was a great way to keep the cause alive in between relays.

"It keeps the train going. You have got to keep the fundraising going."

Cancer Society centre manager Linda Lucre said the initiative was encouraging.

"It's fantastic that teams are thinking about Relay 2014, it's really nice that they are thinking ahead."

To help or donate to the cause, call Bob Croy on 035418468.

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