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A better tomorrow starts today. Bowater Toyota walks the talk.

Rodney BowaterRodney Bowater, chairman of the Bowater Motor Group, watering in the tree commemorating our relationship with the Brook Sanctuary. Click to enlarge.

Bowater Toyota, and the wider Bowater Motor Group, are very excited that the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary's "Get Behind the Fence" campaign is coming to fruition with the 14 kilometre fence almost completed. We have been keen supporters of the whole project for many years, and are always keen to get involved where ever and when ever we can.

In the last month Toyota New Zealand began a conversation about the importance of connecting with nature, and entered into a relationship with DoC (the Department of Conservation). Click here to read about the celebration that Toyota NZ held to celebrate it's 50 years in New Zealand. Part of that celebration was the sending of a small Rimu seedling to every dealership in the country, for us to plant somewhere significant.

We instantly thought of the Brook Sanctuary, and the opportunity to gift this seedling to the sanctuary. A conversation ensued and we sat down with Sanctuary Manager Hudson Dodd to discuss the opportunity to start something significant. As it transpired we couldn't gift the Rimu seedling to the Sanctuary as they have a strict bio-security blanket in place where only trees "born" in the sanctuary valley are able to go back into the valley. They have a very comprehensive seed raising operation in place, taking seeds from the trees in the sanctuary, raising them at the Sanctuary base by the dam, and replanting them as and where they need them.

Instead we discussed their future plans for the area, how they envisaged the community engagement to be generated, and their collective wishes as to beginning places of commemoration within or just outside on the Sanctuary grounds.

We saw the entire exercise as an opportunity to celebrate Toyota New Zealand's Believe Statements, which have become competely integrated into the Bowater Toyota "way". One of those statements is that by working together we can make a difference. So we listened. In the end we came up with a great plan that involved finding a perfect rock to inscribe a small part of our story in a way that would truly "stand the test of time".

This video is long (14 minutes) but it celebrates our journey on Saturday 30th April when some of the Bowater Toyota team, and 3 generations of the Bowater family, came together and started something special. A tree was placed in the ground that will outlast us all, and will be a significant food source for birds long into the future as they repopulate the Brook Valley. It is awesome!  

Today was extra special for the team of Bowater Toyota at The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust as a bunch got together with their kids and planted a tree to commemorate the long standing relationship between Bowaters and the Sanctuary. This tree will stand the test of time and be there to visit for generations to come, as well as provide nourishment for the birds as they repopulate the area. It's a long video but worth every second. Thank you everyone. It was a very special moment.

Posted by Bowater Motor Group on Saturday, 30 April 2016

There is of course so much more to the story.

A day of inspiration and talk of the next generation of leaders

170829 evening01Yvonne Bowater of Bowater Hyundai with Netball Royalty Bernice Mene at the event celebrating the Pinnacle Programme and all that it has done for our community.

The Pinnacle Programme is all about inspiration. Taking our high achieving children and teaching them the pathways that lead to being the best version of themselves. Shining a light on those teenagers capable of achieving great great things, but doing so with full support and guidance. 

Tuesday 29th August was a great day for all involved. It represented the next stage of investment for a room full of potential top of the south applicants, and gratification for businesses like Bowater Hyundai that focus heavily on supporting the community. It was a day packed full of inspiration and glimpses of the support and guidance successful applicants would get access to. 

At the core of the Pinnacle Programme is Bernice Mene and her board; a dedicated group of high achievers that have personal experience in making it to the top of their respective fields. They know the hard yards. They have lived them. They also know how hard it is to succeed, and the help along the way that can completely change the outcome for an aspiring and passionate teen. With the help of Hyundai New Zealand they have put up their hands to help guide the next generation of future leaders into a bright future.

The day of events, held in conjunction with the always accommodating NMIT, served as a platform to hear from both Bernice Mene and current local Pinnacle Programme recipient, the amazing artist and leader Grace Wiegand. A chance to inspire. A chance to celebrate. A chance to embrace new opportunities.

Are you are charity looking for funding? You need to be Good in the Hood in 2016

Running a charitable organsation is not cheap! Nor is it as effective when it is done on the cheap. As a community we need to get behind those groups, individuals and organisations looking out for the rest of us, especially those of us that are least able to look after themselves. It is just part of being a good human. 

The Bowater Motor Group are very proud to be able to offer financial support to a wide range of community organisations annually, and the national Z Energy campaign is just another example of how we can give back to a community that has done such a good job of supporting us since we started back in 1945. 

The 2016 Z Good in the Hood Funding round is getting underway again, and we have until the 29th February 2016 to get the charities applications submitted. 


#GoodintheHood 2016 funding applications are now open. Apply at by 29 Feb

Posted by Z Energy on Monday, 25 January 2016

If you belong to a charity looking for funding, or know of a charity that you would like to support please get in touch and get the application process underway.
It is very simple, and extremely worth the extra funding, as well as the little bit of extra awareness in the community. 

Bowater Hyundai head onto the sparkling seas of Tasman Bay to gain an experience of what changes lives.

 sailing with bowater hyundaiReturning past Haulashore Island after an amazing morning sailing on Tasman Bay with The Spirit Of New Zealand courtesy of Bowater Hyundai. Click to enlarge. 

The team from Bowater Hyundai had the special opportunity of being able to invite 85 customers onboard the training ship the Spirit of New Zealand for a morning's cruise around Tasman Bay. The wind kicked up and the sails all came out for a blast of pure ‪tall ship‬ adventure.

What a day - the chance to get a taste of what this amazing charity offers the youth of our fine country is something not very many people get as adults, so we were certainly fortunate to be able to share the experience!

The group met on the main dock alongside the Guyton's Wharf ready for an adventure on what was shaping up to be a sparkling sunny Nelson summer's day. 

Corrie ChambersCorrie Chambers from the Bowater Hyundai sales team wharfside & about to embark on a memoriable sailing. Click to enlarge.

Thanks to a whole lot of various Nelson businesses we had all we needed for a great morning out on the bay: sunscreen courtesy of Unichem Pharmacy, bottles of pure local E'stel Water, delicious bags of Proper Crisps and a whole bunch of fresh fruit from Nelson New World. Good to go! All we needed was for the wind to cooperate and we we would have a great sail. Guess what. It did!

Bowater Toyota are helping Garin College get around

garin college donationGarin College head teacher John Boyce receives a cheque from Tony Bowater, CEO of Bowater Toyota. Click to enlarge.

The way in which our children experience schooling, even secondary level schooling, has certainly changed alot over the last 20 years. The levels of appropriate, supported, responsibility of care elements are a factor in a multitude of activities that schools engage in. When schools participate in off campus activities there is a requirement for them to do so safely and responsibily. And we as a society expect nothing less.

Bowater Toyota are very proud to be able to assist Garin College with this. Over the years we have sourced the hostel a couple of safe, reliable and fit for purpose Toyota Hiace vans (click here to see the last time we meet them) as a part of their fleet requirements. Talking to Robert Booth, the hostel manager, it comes as no surprise that he, and his team, cover a lot of kilometers each week. They take the boarders to all sorts of after school activities, from football at Saxtons field to activities in central Nelson. This soaks up the kilometres, up to 40,000 per year without leaving town!

Cawthron Institute.

The Cawthron Institute's Power of Science meets Bowater Honda's Power of Dreams.

bowater honda presents vehicle

Bowater Honda, and the wider Bowater Motor Group, have been long time supporters of the Cawthron Institute. Their Community Education Programme is an area where Bowater Honda has had a direct connection since 2011, with the help of a new vehicle to enable the education facilitor to get out and about in our local region. 

One of the fantastic things about the Cawthron Institute, aside from their stunning and ground breaking scientific research work, is the motivating factor they are on the next generation. The Cawthron Institute is very focused on engaging with the youth of our community, inspiring them to take an active role with science, and be more aware of the wider world around them. Bowater Honda are keen to help this organisation move the minds of as many children as possible, opening them up to a world of scientific wonder, and hopefully starting at least a few of them on a journey of discovery. 

Exciting opportunity to network, and be inspired by Bernice Mene

170822 bernice mene

Bowater Hyundai is proud to be associated with NMIT in bringing the Pinnacle Programme Ambassedor Bernice Mene to our region.

She will be here at an evening event on Tuesday 29th August at the G Block Foyer of the NMIT.

This is a wonderful chance to meet her, network with other businesses and community groups, and get to hear more about the inspiring Pinnacle Programme and how it impacts our youth and creates wonderful leadership growth opportunities for elite achievers. All are welcome to attend the event from 5;30 - 7pm.

Garin College christens their new van

Garin College's new vanGarin College's new van gets a workout loaded up with pupils and kayaks. Click to enlarge

We recently received a wonderful email from Robert Booth, Director of Boarding at the Garin College Hostel. He wanted to let us know just how pleased the hostel, and Garin College, is at the continued support Bowater Toyota have offered the college, and the great end results of that support. Along with the email was this wonderdul photo of the ADL Class about to head away for a kayaking trip in the new van.

It is a truly awesome feeling to be involved with an organisation so appreciative of the support given, and to see it in the smiling faces of the kids whose experience of education is just that little bit all the better for it. The Toyota Hiace is the perfect vehicle for the job - kitted out with seating for the students in comfort and style whilst surrounding the precious cargo in class leading safety along side all important fuel efficiency.

Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce

The Bowater Motor Group has been proudly working alongside the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce since 2004. We believe that a strong business community will in turn strengthen our own businesses and as such we are a cornerstone sponsor of the Chamber. 

Take a moment to listen to the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce's CEO Dot Kettle discuss what it means to foster this partnership.


We stopped by Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce to chat with Dot Kettle about cornerstone sponsors such as BMG and the importance of businesses supporting businesses.

Posted by Bowater Motor Group on Monday, 26 September 2016

This section of the website will be the landing page for all things related to our partnership with the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce and the great work they are doing within our business community in the Top of the South. Please read on.  

Presenting the 2014 Bowater Toyota EcoFund Cheque to happy and healthy KEGS kids

Presenting the EcoFund ChequeTony Bowater (right) presenting the $2000 Bowater Toyota EcoFund Cheque to Don McLean (far left - Hampden St School) and Karen Driver (far right - NEC). Click to enlarge.

Tony Bowater was very excited to be able to present a $2000 cheque to Nelson Environment Centre from this years round of funding from the Bowater Toyota EcoFund. The venue for this cheque presentation was chosen to be Hampden Street School, one of the schools involved in the K.E.G.S (Kids Edible gardens in Schools) programme.

Hampden Street school has been very passionate about the K.E.G.S programme, with a large group of students very engaged with the programme. After presenting the cheque to Karen Driver (via the kids) we spent some time chatting to the students about the impact such a programme has had on their everyday lives. Many now had vege gardens at home, encouraging their parents to get involved and create a fun family activity that also produced produce! 

Spirit of New Zealand Trust

One ship. 40 Trainees. One incredible Life changing adventure.

Spirit of Adventure Trust - one incredible adventure.

Check out our awesome new video for Spirit!Hear from our crew about why taking part in one of our youth development voyages is the most incredible opportunity for young people.Like and share it with your friends and tell us what you think! You may even spot some familiar faces off Voyage 661 and 664 :)

Posted by Spirit of New Zealand on Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Bowater Hyundai, and the wider Bowater Motor Group, are very pleased to be able to support this wonderful charity. Each year we get to help dedicated and hard working teenagers to achieve their dreams and enjoy a berth and a series of life lessons on this unique training vessel. The local students must work hard to be selected, and even harder if they are lucky enough to get a berth to raise the necessary money to cover the costs. This is where we come in, meeting the costs half way, and enabling our local achievers a slightly easier road to success.

The Spirit of Adventure Trust was set up in 1972 to provide young New Zealander's with access to a character development programme conducted in a maritime environment.

The 1960s saw a revival of interest in square riggers but not in their traditional role as cargo ships, or professional maritime training. They were seen as a unique environment for youth development, where the focus of learning is on team-work, developing skills of communication, self-reliance, self-discipline, self-esteem, resilience, confidence  and leadership. Learning to sail a tall ship is only a small part of our programmes.  

Spirit of Adventure 1973-1997

The topsail schooner Spirit of Adventure, gifted to the nation by Lou Fisher, was commissioned in 1973. She sailed a heavy schedule around the New Zealand coast until 1997, when she was sold for tourism work in Fiji.

Spirit of New Zealand 1986 - current

the ship

The Trust's existing ship, the three-masted barquentine Spirit of New Zealand, was commissioned in 1986.  Since the retirement of the Adventure in 1997 she has undertaken an annual programme of around 340 days at sea.

She is believed to be probably the world’s busiest youth ship. Subject to stringent, on-going maintenance surveys, refits and audits, Spirit of New Zealand is expected to be able to continue operating youth voyages until around 2035.

This section of our website contains stories from our successful applicants, and events at which we can all help future applicants achieve their funding in order to attend this life changing experience.

The 2017 Good in the Hood is on Nelson! Here's how to vote.

Good in the Hood is back for May at Z Rutherford and making your vote count is super easy. Every purchase, excluding tobacco, gets you a token. Tokens go into the voting display by the front door on your way out of the store. Easy as. 

Check out the video at Z Rutherford where Tracey runs through making sure your vote counts (make sure you click on that HD setting - it makes video on Facebook so much better)

Tracey from Z Rutherford talks us through what it is to be Good in the Hood with this year's Z Energy funding round. Support these great charities and let's all help our community.

Posted by Bowater Motor Group on Tuesday, 2 May 2017


This year we are pleased to announce the following charities that need your support to sort out what percentage of the $4,000 they will receive. 
Big Brothers Big Sisters Nelson
Child Cancer Foundation of Nelson
Victim Support Nelson
St Johns Nelson

Check out the rest of the articles in the section to find out more about the charities, how easy it is to vote, and what these charities are all about. 

The Pinnacle Programme - learn how to reach the top.

170822 pinnacle poster

The Pinnacle Programme is a unique scholarship, backed by Hyundai New Zealand, which provides talented young New Zealanders with the foundations for success. Our local youth have enjoyed success in applying for this scholarship with several having been on this programme over the recent years. 

Bowater Hyundai is proud to be associated with NMIT in bringing the Pinnacle Programme Ambassedor Bernice Mene to our region. Tuesday 29th from 4-5pm is a great chance to come along and learn all about the programme with Pinnacle Ambassador Bernice Mene. She will go into detail as to how the programme works, how to apply and what the end results typically are. 

If you have a high achieving child in your family, our are yourself a high achieving youth with a drive to succeed, this will be a great event for you to attend. Get in touch with Grant McNeill at NMIT to let him know you are keen to come along. You can email him This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: or give him a call on 03 546 9175 ext 743

We are helping "Walk With Us" to walk the talk

Bowater Toyota has stepped up to help local charity "Walk With Us" in their next major fundraising venture, a Charity Auction Night on Thursday 28th September. 
There are still a handfull of tickets available for the event at the Waimea Old Boys Clubrooms, 20 Gladstone Rd in Richmond from 6:30pm.

There are some great prizes up for grabs, including a month's free "new Car Experience" from Bowater Toyota, a Sydney Holiday Package, 7 day Campervan Hire and many more. Scroll down to see the full list. 

170925 walkwithus poster

Welcome to this years Charities at Z Rutherford. Let's get Good in the Hood Nelson!

May is always exciting at the Bowater Motor Group Z Energy stations. It is a chance to facilitate giving back to local charity groups something all of them need to survive - cold hard cash!

This year we are pleased to announce the following charities that need your support to sort out what percentage of the $4,000 they will receive. 
Big Brothers Big Sisters Nelson
Child Cancer Foundation of Nelson
Victim Support Nelson
St Johns Nelson 

Check out the video at Z Rutherford where we get to meet some of the faces behind these local charities that need your votes! (make sure you click on that HD setting - it makes video on Facebook so much better)

We got to meet this year's 2017 Z Rutherford Good in the Hood charities. Your token translates directly into funding dollars for these awesome groups so come down and support them. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson, Victim Support New Zealand Nelson/Tasman, Child Cancer Foundation Nelson and our top of the south St John's.

Posted by Bowater Motor Group on Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Check out the rest of the articles in the section to find out more about the charities, how easy it is to vote, and what these charities are all about. 

Z Bowater Motors stands behind our local Hospice

150313-004e hospiceChairman of the Nelson Tasman Region Hospice Trust John Peters receives a cheque from Z Bowater Motors CEO Chris Bowater and General Manager Matt Morris. Click to enlarge.

Some chartities and community organisations exist for a reason that many of us don't want to think about. A time when you and your family may need support the most. A time of loss and grief. A time of transition, and sometimes a time of fear, pain and sadness. A time that some families dread but a time that some families can deliver amazing strength and support to loved ones.

Hospice is one of those organisations. They collectively deliver a range of services that most of us put to the backs of our minds, until confronted with the harsh realities of needing them when our family circumstances reach a crossroads. Hospice heavily relies on donations and it's Hospice Shops to generate the funds to enable it to continue to deliver valuable Palliative Care and community support.

The Z Rutherford division of Z Bowater Motors are very pleased to be able to contribute $1,000 towards the continued delivery of services by Hospice. Chris Bowater, Z Bowater Motors CEO made comment at the presentation "Hospice really strikes a chord in Nelson and Tasman, but so few of us actually realise exactly the depth of work and care they deliver in the region. We are so proud we can support them"

John Peters, chairman of the Nelson Tasman Region Hospice Trust was excited to be on the receiving end of the donation. They receive 62% of their funding from the government, so every dollar donated really counts, "whether it's $10 or $10,000 we make the absolute most of it"