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2016 Good in the Hood has been great for Motueka

Written by Media Manager.

Motueka - you are more than Good in the Hood - you are amazing to the community!

final donations

What a fantastic month of charitable work the good folks of Motueka have particiapted in! First and foremost, a massive thankyou to everyone for all of the hard work. The charities for coming along to our busy Service Station to promote the month of voting, the customers for getting behind the promotion and voting, and Z Energy for putting the whole thing together. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to donate $5,000 to worthy charities in the wider Motueka area!

Check out the video we made of the official handover of the donations to the charities - what an awesome group of people working hard to make our community a better place for everyone! Z Bowater Motors is immensely proud to be a part of helping these charities to further help the greater community.


Another chapter in this year's Z Energy Good in the Hood at Z Bowater Motors in Motueka as the charities were presented with their cheques. What a great moment to be a part of giving such wonderful charities money to go towards keeping them a part of our community.

Posted by Bowater Motor Group on Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The presenting of donations at the end of a month of working hard to create awareness that every vote counts is immensely satisfying, but more importantly the shining of a light on the great work that each and every one of these charities does is the real prize. 

The more we all know and appreciate what these charities offer segments of our community, and why they need to be engaging in this kind of activity to primarily raise funds to continue to deliver services, is vitally essential. Most of these charities are responsible for raising the lionshare of the funds to allow them to function operationally. Most of the work that they do is only really seen by those that are directly effected by having to engage directly with those charities - hence the great ability, and benefit, of such an event as Z Good in the Hood.

Child Cancer Donation

Watch the video above to check out the actual split of the funds.
To learn more about this years fundraising please go back through some of the articles in this section to familiarise yourself with the great work that these charities do. 

victim support donationDonna Smith from the Victim Support regional team accepting their donation. Click to enlarge the photo.


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