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Honda CR-Z; >> click play!

2012 honda crz

Play in the real world!

The game starts the moment you slide into CR-Z. You feel you're entering a high-tech world. With adjustable IMA Boost and an interactive ‘ring of fire’ 3D speedometer which glows red when you play in sports mode, CR-Z offers more than just stunning good looks. The fun, sporty handling with turbo-like boost makes CR-Z ideally suited to New Zealand's great long, winding roads. You'll make any excuse to play in the real world.

Honda CRZ



Believe it or not this sporty little number is actually a hybrid! The i-VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift, Electronic Control) engine allows for a heady mix of both performance and economy enhancing technology. It is assisted by the IMA Boost function (Integrated Motor Assist) specifically tuned for performance. The added Scramble Assist feature means a maximum performance response.

Designing a car requires significant attention to driving pleasure, safety, engine performance and fuel efficiency. This drives the quality, reliability and excellence in a vehicle. Now more than ever, significant research and development is required to continuously improve the technology driving your car.

honda cr-z


IMA Boost - Instant Power when you need it 

CRZ offers three selectable modes of boost for different driving conditions and driver mood. IMA Boost controls the power delivery and the response of the car.
The boost modes are changeable in an instant through three finger-tip selectors to the right of the steering wheel. Options are Sport, Normal and Econ and the car changes dynamically to match your selection.



One of the great features of this car is the interactive instrumentation and information panel.
Depending on what mode you are in, the 3D Speedometer changes colour with the "mood / mode" of the car. In normal mode it glows a calming blue, in sport mode a fiery ring of red appears, and when you are in eco mode the whole display goes green!

CRZ Instrumentation


At a start price of $42,000 (+orc - a huge saving of nearly $3000 on last years price) this is a snappy car to play with, love and enjoy the pleasure of driving, and get all of the looks.

honda cr-z



Honda pride themselves on being an R&D company, dedicated to continously developing new technology to make your drive more enjoyable, safer and better for the environment. That is why they stay at the forefront of automotive technology, constantly resetting the benchmark. That way you can be sure you have a high quality, reliable vehicle that is a pleasure to own.