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Barry shows us how to nail a great fuel rating in his new Honda Jazz

Written by Media Manager.

Barry Staples 

Barry Staples has a trick or two up his sleeve it would seem.

This clever hyper-miler has been getting some quite remarkable fuel efficiency figures from his new, bright yellow, 2014 Honda Jazz.

On paper this 1.3L automatic compact car is said to be able to achieve 5.2L/100km of fuel consumption within mixed driving parameters - meaning mixed driving between city and the open road.

Barry has got the proof to say much much better is possible!

He lives a little bit out of town and does the perfect mix of open road and city driving, and still manages to achieve a quite respectable 3.9L/100km, and here is the proof!


You can't argue with a digital information display!

The new 2014 Honda Jazz is not only very fuel efficient, it is also very feature rich, with a great range of information being served up to the driver on multiple information screens. This means that you have vital driving information right at your fingertips at all times, without having to be distracted looking for it. The fuel consumption graph follows the top outer ring so that, at a glance, you can see exactly how efficiently you are cruising.


Barry's tips for extracting those extra kilometres from every tank of petrol - just go easy on the pedals.

He certainly doesn't have a lead foot, nor does he brake heavily into the corners, he just cruises along with the minimum of fuss.

As you can see by the fuel consumption graph above, travelling just over 550kms of "around town" running about, 3.9L/100km is easily achievable with this technique. You can be sure that on some of those trips he would have been consuming even less as this is just an average over that 550km distance!



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