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The new Honda CR-V. It's More.

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All new Honda Accord hits the sweet spot. The NZ Herald loves the new Accord

Written by Media Manager.

Latest version of old favourite really does the business


2013 honda accord
The Accord V6NT is full of new styling and features such as adaptive cruise control, but is still unmistakably Honda.

Car technology never ceases to amaze. Even when a certain model has been around for a number of years, the design and function is constantly updated to the point where driver involvement is slowly depleting. This could be said about the all-new Honda Accord, but I am happy to report the driver still very much plays a part.

Prices start at $45,900 for the entry-level S spec and top out with the mighty V6NT (Navigation and Technology) featured here, yours for $60,000.

After the well-received Accord Euro, the new Accord sports a new design and sits on a new platform. With a wheel base of 2775mm, the new car is 70mm longer than the Accord Euro and 10mm wider.

With a less chunky stance and cleaner lines, the Accord is a sweet-looking thing, plus in V6NT spec the twin exhausts and 18-inch pewter grey alloy wheels look the business.

Smart Lease Options for the everyone.

Written by Media Manager.


Leasing a new car is not something a wide range of kiwi's think about as a first option. It is quite common practice overseas, and for good reason.

With a vehicle lease you get the advantage of remaining in, and experiencing a brand new car whilst not having to go through the process of purchase, or having to finance the vehicle and pay interest on that finance. You are also not exposed to depreciation or the residual value risk associated with a new vehicle, not to mention that outlay of funds for an outright purchase or a deposit. Whether the vehicle you need is for business or personal use the options that leasing bring are well worth considering.

Why use up vital business capital on purchasing a business vehicle when you could gain the tax advantages of leasing? A leased vehicle is an off balance sheet expense, and fully deductable as an operational cost. In some cases there is also a GST advantage as well. There is also no residual value risk on your vehicle either.

logoleasetransp2At Honda, they create cars that people really enjoy driving. Now with Honda Lease Direct you can get that same enjoyment by leasing your Honda. You'll be dealing directly with a company that has a history of being responsive to peoples needs, that knows their cars inside out and is committed to ensuring that you really enjoy driving your new leased Honda. You have Honda's word on it. 

The friendly sales team at Bowater Honda are able to guide you through the benefits of leasing, and what your levels of eligibility are quickly and efficiently. If you have been thinking about getting into a new vehicle this option may be the exact fit you are looking for.

Free Parking Tuesdays are Back this Winter

Written by Media Manager.

Bowater Honda CEO Chris Bowater presents Uniquely Nelson's manager Cathy Madigan with the keys to the Bowater Honda Free Parking Honda Insight to use during the campaign.

The popular winter free parking Tuesdays are back for everyone keen to hit the shops in central Nelson this winter! 

For 10 weeks, from Tuesday 2nd July until Tuesday 3rd September, parking will be free in the city (normal time limits still apply). Bowater Honda are pleased to be a part of this initiative with the donation of a brand new Honda Insight Hybrid to be used as a mobile billboard letting everyone know the good news.

Uniquely Nelson and Nelson City Council launched Free Parking Tuesdays in 2011 and this is now the third year the initiative has been offered over winter. Uniquely Nelson's Manager Cathy Madigan says that it has been hugely successful, with businesses looking forward to the campaign and the benefits it brings.

Win a Jazz with Bowater Honda. Now that is something to sing about!

Written by Media Manager.

2013 honda jazz hybrid

Bowater Honda are very excited about the brand new Honda Jazz Hybrid. It is a remarkable little car - so easy to drive, so easy to park, and now even easier on the wallet with a penny pinching hybrid model new onto the market.

Honda are very proud of all their Jazz. There is an auto and manual version of the Jazz S, two different engine sizes to chose from, as well as the Jazz Sport, and now the Jazz Hybrid. Overall they are a bunch of snappy little numbers that will get you moving!
They not only look great, but are very easy on the petrol, making them a perfect around town car. Not only that but they also come complete with the wonderful Honda Magic Seats system - a unique way of creating a vast amount of storage and cargo space, allowing you to carry things a lot bigger than you would think you could fit it!

Honda have decided to reward those that take the opportunity to test drive the Honda Jazz with the chance to win one!  Simply take a test drive of any model Honda Jazz between 15 May 2013 and 31 October 2013 and we will automatically enter you into the draw to win a brand new Honda Jazz, any model of your choice! 

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