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Honda CRZ is wired for fun

Written by Media Manager.

honda-2012crz-bmg800If Honda still made the Prelude, its one-time staple performance coupe, it would probably cost $55,000-plus in 2011 money. When you figure that by conventional wisdom, adding hybrid power to something also adds to its sticker, rather than reducing it, the $44,900 asking price for the CR-Z looks decent.

You see the CR-Z is effectively what the Prelude was a prelude to. It's a 1.5-litre sports coupe that uses Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) electric hybrid system to give it some extra urge. Honda calls it a two plus two, but between friends it's really no more than a two plus laptop bag and dog, which was no more than the Prelude offered in the old days anyway.

Take a ride back in time in the epic 1970's Civic

Written by Media Manager.

1972-honda civicThe 1970's were a much simpler time. For all those children of the 60's & 70's there will be a lot of fond memories of time spent in Mum's, or a friend's mum's Honda civic. New Zealand embraced this revolutionary car in an age of oil crisis, enforced carless days and thoughts of fuel saving. Can you imagine a compulsory carless day happening today? At the time the 1st Generation Honda Civic was one of those pivotal motoring moments - a car that ran on the smell of an oily rag.

Local radio personality, More Fm DJ Blair Kiddy came along to Bowater Honda to check out our vintage 1970's 1st Generation Honda Civic we have in the showroom.
We thought he needed to take it for a test drive to really appreciate how the times and the technology have changed before letting him loose in the all new 9th generation 2012 Honda Civic.

 The 9th Generation Honda Civic represents another leap forward for Honda with a car so popular with families the world over.

Honda gives local couple $2500 for test drive.

Written by BMG .

Local couple George & Irma Whittington were the lucky winners of $2500 cash in Honda NZ's March Honda Civic draw.
All they had to do was to come along to the dealership at the corner of Hardy and Rutherford Street and take the new 2012 Honda Civic for a test drive. Their names were then entered into a nationwide draw, which they won.
Not only did they get to experience the motoring masterpiece that is the 9th generation Honda Civic, they also got rewarded handsomely for doing so.


Bowater Honda salesman Nick D'evereux was on hand to present them with the cheque from Honda, which they were very excited to be receiving.
It is always fantastic to be able to share in these such events, and great to see big prizes going to local people!

The Honda Insight Challenge Heats up

Written by Media Manager.

2012-InsightswhiteThe competition is heating up in the quest to find New Zealand’s most fuel efficient company behind the wheel.

Following a convincing display of thrifty driving from five of New Zealand’s telecom giants, it’s now time for some of New Zealand’s top media titles to gear up for the 2012 Honda Business Insight Challenge.

Drivers from, the New Zealand Herald and NZ Business Magazine will go head-to-head during the Easter weekend in an attempt to prove their efficiency behind the wheel.

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