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Crossing the European continent in the GT86

Written by Media Manager.

Continental Drift!

Nino Karotta crosses Europe in a Toyota GT86 to put it up against his now "vintage" AE86 on a racetrack to see how they compare.

This is the ultimate road trip.

Unlike most of the video reviews of the 86 we've seen so far, this one delves well beyond the fact sheet to give us a glimpse of what the car is actually like to operate. Karotta takes the GT 86 from the twisting mountains of France across Germany via the Autobahn and into Austria for a date with his own AE86.

With a stellar soundtrack, beautiful videography and insightful commentary, the video is what all reviews should strive to be. How does the newcomer stack up against its ancestor? We won't spoil it for you.
Check out the clip below. You'll be glad you took the time.

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