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Pinnacle Programme

Developing Potential in young New Zealanders.

The Pinnacle programme is a unique scholarship, backed by Hyundai New Zealand, which provides talented young New Zealanders with the foundations for success.

Pinnacle will apply proven principles across all area of endeavor, including, but not limited, to art, sport, science and business. It will provide a unique scholarship experience, allowing participants to experience two of New Zealand's prominent leadership programmes - Spirit of Adventure Trust and Outward Bound, as well as high performance workshops from some of New Zealand's leading service providers.

Access to personal mentors will be utilised to lay successful foundations for the future of New Zealand's emerging talents.

There are some really impressive examples of Hyundai New Zealand's support at work, on an even greater scale than the Pinnacle Programme, which the company established in 2005. The new programme gave the company an opportunity to make a further contribution to New Zealand's sports by helping to prepare future international champions. The Pinnacle Programme was described as: ‘a New Zealand sports mentor organisation, backed by Hyundai, which provides young athletes with a range of professional and personal skills to help them reach world-best status’.

But it wasn’t enough: Hyundai wanted to help even more young kiwis to achieve their dreams.

So our once little programme, called Pinnacle, has grown up. Now it will provide support and development across more than just sports: It will cover the arts, science, music, business and much, much more. Pinnacle will help realise the raw potential in many New Zealanders so that we can continue to help the development of the very best world class leaders, to support future generations to come.

Bowater Hyundai are bringing the Pinnacle Programme to Nelson

Written by Media Manager.


The Pinnacle Programme is a totally life changing affair.

The gifted and driven teenagers involved are given the opportunity to experience a journey quite unlike any other, and will come out the other side even more focused and determined than before, and hopefully on the cusp of blossoming into an adult at the top of their game. The Pinnacle if you will.

Not only will they be mentored by a collection of inspiration New Zealanders, but they will also be given a new toolbox of skills to help them develop their strengths, motivate their dreams and ignite their passions for succeeding. 

Bowater Hyundai are very keen to get as many of our local, talented teenagers into the programme as possible. The Top of the South is a great breeding ground for youth to perfect their respective art and craft themselves into world beaters. That is why we have pulled out all the stops to get the Pinnacle Programme to our showroom on Thursday November 13th 2014 from 5.30 - 7pm so that we can all get a taste for what it is all about.

Joining the Pinnacle Programme, and tips to be successful

Written by Media Manager.

How to join

If you are aged between 15 - 18 years old, and consider yourself to be talented in your respected field, and a New Zealander or permanent New Zealand resident, you can put in an application to join the Pinnacle Programme.
If you are under 17 years of age you will need parental consent forms signed.

How will I get selected?

Firstly, you should register on the website.

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you think you should be one of the lucky young Kiwis to make the grade.

Play other young Kiwis in an online game in real time to demonstrate your general knowledge. Based on what you say and how you play, the selection panel will decide whether to take you through to the next stage.

Pinnacle Programme mentor, actress and presenter Toni Street has some words of advice.

Keep on reading to go through the steps to be a part of this exciting programme, and start the journey!

Meet the Bowater Hyundai Team

Ross Prangnell. Bowater Hyundai General Sales Manager.

Ross Prangnell

Ross brings a wealth of experience to the team at Bowater Hyundai and has quickly established himself as a key component to the continued success of our busy showroom.

A recent returner to New Zealand after an extended contract consulting on overall operations to a large Vehicle Group in Papua New Guinea, Ross was very keen to branch out from a lifetime based in and around Auckland. The opportunity to join and lead the busy sales team of Bowater Hyundai in Nelson also offered the chance to embrace all of the great things that our wonderous region is famous for - a stunning landscape, a more relaxed way of life and a great boating community - something Ross is keen to get involved in again. 

Ross is very excited to get involved in our community, meet our customers and shine a light onto the great vehicle range Bowater Hyundai have to offer. Come down and meet him. 

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