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Changing a station. Shell becomes Z, but the service stays the same.

Written by Media Manager.

In March 2012 our Shell Bowater Motors Service Station started the process of transformation into a brand new Z Station.

The Bowater Motor Group has had a service station, serving the locals of Motueka since the 1970's. This new stage has been very exciting for us as one of the very few independently owned sites in the country. We followed the journey, recording it on "film" to document another important step in the Bowaters journey.






Meet the Z Bowater Motors Team

Matt Morris - General Manager


Meet Matt Morris - the General Manager for Z Bowater Motors and the go to guy when it comes to all things to with Z Rutherford and Z Bowater Motors in Motueka. 

Matt started with The Bowater Motor group back in May 2005 as the manager of what was then our Shell Service Station in Motueka. Matt ensures that his whole team is very customer focused with one of his catch cries "The customers pay our wages" heard on nearly a daily basis.

All these years on Matt still enjoys the commute in between the Nelson and Motueka operations and was very happy when the new Ruby Bay bypass went in!

In his downtime Matt enjoys running & keeping fit, and has a taste for craft beers - but not at the same time!

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