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Bowater Honda plants more trees at Tahunanui's Back Beach

Today Bowater Honda held another successful Honda TreeFund tree planting day at the back beach of Tahunanui Beach as a part of the council's sand dune recovery programme.

To date Bowater Honda has provided over $70,000 worth of funding for over 13,500 trees which have been planted on Tahunanui Beach, in Appleby, the Moutere and on Haulashore Island.
Today the team from Bowater Honda, along with some dedicated local customers, turned up at the "Raised Carpark" on the Back Beach Road  to literally plant a truck load of trees into the sand dunes to aid in the sand dune recovery.

As one of the local customers commented "it is a whole lot easier planting trees in the sand than in the Moutere clay!", referencing a previous Bowater Honda TreeFund Tree Planting Day.

The planting day is a result of Honda’s unique TreeFund initiative. Passionate about restoring bio-diversity, Honda developed TreeFund as an opportunity for customers to become involved in the greening of their own local community and to encourage the planting of native flora. With 13 native trees planted for every new car sold, Honda has been funding tree plantings nationally since 2004, and to date over half a million trees have been planted around the country.

Honda TreeFund Planting Day

We are very excited to announce that Bowater Honda are conducting another Honda TreeFund Planting Day on Wednesday 19th September from 10am - 12pm at the Raised Carpark at Tahunanui Beach.

This is the first carpark on the right as you drive past the Skating Rink on the way to the back beach. Just drive down the back Beach Road and look for the Nelmac trucks, and the Honda sign written vehicles. You don't need to bring anything other than a great attitude and a caring community spirit. If you have a favourite spade bring that along too!

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The Raised Carpark is at the very north of this map - the car park from which the Kite Surfing is normally based. We would love to see as many community minded locals down here as we can get.

Tasman vs Nelson. Head to head in the Prius Challenge. Who has the greenest mayor?

We laid down the Prius Challenge to both local mayors.
Who would be the greenest? Which one of them would be able to pull off the best Eco Score, saving both fuel and money on their trip around our Prius Challenge course?


We wanted to get the message out to as many people as possible about the benefits to breaking your old driving habits. The Prius Challenge is the perfect platform for this as it encourages you to be competitive on the one hand, and very mindful of your driving style and energy consumption on the other. The all new 2012 Toyota Prius C delivers an amazing amount of usable information to the driver as you are driving, so you can monitor your driving, fuel consumption and energy use all at the same time from easy to use information displays.

With EcoFest just around the corner we thought it would be a perfect time to get both of the Mayors in, lay down the challenge and see who is the greenest when it comes to driving efficiently.
Last week Nelson Mayor Aldo Miccio came in and posted a very respectable eco score of 3.7L/100km but stormed around the course in an astonishing 14 minutes, showing one and all that you can still drive efficiently and get to the meeting on time! Click here to see his photos and read the full story. This score put Aldo 7th on the Leader Board but left the door wide open for Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne to make a real competition of it.

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