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Bowater Hyundai is very proud to be supporting this very important charity and the great work it does in our local community. The wider Bowater Motor Group has supported the charity as well through initiatives such as the Z Bowater Motor's Good in the Hood Charity Support Programme.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a national organisation with a vision for all young people to be able to achieve their potential in life. Their overall mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of young people through strong and enduring, professionally supported, mentoring relationships. They work closely with social agencies such as the local Police to ensure that the relationships are positive and beneficial to what are sometimes at risk and vulnerable youth. 

Since the first ‘match’ in Nelson was made in 1998, the programme has grown to where it now has more than 180 young people matched with a mentor each year.

This section of the website is home to information and articles concerning not only our support of this great charity, but also articles of interest, some motivation and reasons why we all need to get involved and support this wonderful charity. 


On a gorgeous Nelson summers day we caught up with Rachel & Chelsea from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Nelson to learn about their role in our community, the impact a mentor can have in the life of a child and the importance of working with supporters like Bowater Hyundai and the wider Bowater Motor Group. Take a minute to be inspired!

Posted by Bowater Motor Group on Thursday, 27 October 2016

Bowater Hyundai helping Big Brothers Big Sisters soar and succeed

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(BBBS) is an organisation making a “big” difference in children and young people’s lives, creating lasting bonds and providing access to opportunities that every child should have, through mentoring.

BBBS has a very necessary mission: to help children and youth realise their potential, build their futures,
and strengthen communities. They believe that every child deserves to “soar and succeed”.

Bowater Hyundai is a cornerstone sponsor and supports Big Brothers Big Sisters because they believe in the values of mentoring and contributing to the community.

Bowater Hyundai is helping drive the dreams of our youth by driving the mentors of big brothers big sisters


This week local charity Big Brothers Big Sisters had plenty to celebrate. Local Director Rachel Saunders stopped by Bowater Hyundai to pickup their new vehicle - a zippy Hyundai i30. 

Bowater Hyundai are keen to help this wonderful charity get out and about into our community to help faciliate the connection of youth and those willing to be mentors. So far Big Brothers Big Sisters Nelson have got 180 matches - that is 180 kids that now have a positive guiding influence of a supportive and caring mentor in their lives. 

Meet the Bowater Hyundai Team

Daryl Pritchard. A depth of experience & the voice of reason.


Daryl has been in the car industry for a long time, ever since he started as an apprentice mechanic for the Post Office's Workshop in Wellington, where he grew up.

We are fortunate to have him, and all of his varied vehicle industry experience, with us at Bowater Hyundai since 2010. He has seen the Hyundai brand go from strength to strength and has a depth of technical knowledge of the evolution of the range of vehicles. 

Daryl lives in Stoke with his wife, they have four grown children living as far afield as Wellington and Sydney. A proud supporter of the Hurricanes and the Lions, Daryl maintains his strong connection to the city he grew up in.

He is a strong believer in the Bowater Motor Group philosophy of giving back to the community and thrives on "the strong focus of ethical business within the company". As such Daryl is a strong advocate for the special relationships that Bowater Hyundai has built with community partners such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and Victory Boxing.

Daryl is an enthusiastic fisherman and says his lack of results has failed to deter him from his enthusiasm.