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Bowaters are recognised for getting behind the fence


Bowater Honda CEO Chris Bowater accepts a certificate for a sponsored fencepost from Brook Waimarama Sanctuary's General Manager Hudson Dodd

We bid the team from the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary's Campaign Office a fond farewell last week from the space we donated to them in the top showroom of Bowater Honda. The renovation programme we have in place for the moving of the Honda and Hyundai dealerships has now shifted up a gear now that Bowater Honda has moved into it's new showroom in Achilles Ave. This has freed up the showroom on the corner of Rutherford and Hardy street to begin the transformation into the new Bowater Hyundai showroom.

It was a bittersweet moment as the Brook Sanctuary's General Manager Hudson Dodd presented Bowater Honda CEO Chris Bowater with a certificate for a sponsored fencepost as recognition of the support the Bowater Motor Group has given the organisation over the past year.

The Bowater Motor Group has enjoyed providing a space for the central campaign office of the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, and this was done with no expectation of any kind. We were genuinely pleased to be able to help this great, local, community focused initiative as they entered the public fundraising phase. By enabling them to have a presence within our highly visible showroom right on one of central Nelson's busiest traffic intersections was a gift we could easily provide this vital environmental project - a project we were very happy to get behind as a community focused organisation.

It is exciting to one day be able to see our name on a fencepost near the main entrance, and something that the up and coming generations of the Bowater family, and all those that work alongside them, will most certainly treasure. It is indeed a wonderful surprise and a great legacy for the company to be honoured with, and we are most grateful for the gift. 


We welcomed them into our top Bowater Honda showroom back in March last year. They were offered the space expense free to help them establish a more visible presence in central Nelson as they launched their major fundraising drive to get the fence built.

In the words of Brook Sanctuary General Manager Hudson Dodd:

The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust has been thrilled to have been hosted by the Bowater Motor Group over the last year for this fund raising campaign office in town. It is a crucial time for the trust as we engage the public in this fund raising effort to build this pest proof fence that will enable the vision of the wildlife sanctuary at the end of Brook Street to become a reality, and the Bowater Motor Group really stepped up as a major sponsor and made that possible for us to have a highly visible campaign office right in the heart of town, and we very much appreciate all the support they gave us. They welcomed us into their space, they made us part of the family, and they made a huge difference for the campaign effort, which has gone splendidly!
In the 6 months that we have offered the public the opportunity to sponsor one of the 7,000 fenceposts that it will take to build this 14.5km pest proof fence we have raised $230,000 of fence post sponsorship. There is plenty more to go, but we are right on target.

We are very pleased to have been able to help, and look forward to the completion of this wonderful project.


The Brook Sanctuary has now set up a new campaign office in Morrison Square.
We wish them the best of luck and will certainly continue to be vocal and passionate supporters of a vital community driven initiative.

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