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The Brook Sanctuary - Returning nature to Nelson

The Bowater Motor Group are very pleased to be working with the Brook Sanctuary on their project by providing them with some prime space in the Bowater Honda showroom on Rutherford Street to operate their fund raising office. This inner city presence will hopefully make it a little easier for them to raise funds and move closer to the goal of erecting the 14km pest proof fence.

This section of the website will be the place where we share news from the Brook Sanctuary team, their progress and opportunities for us all to help this very worthwhile local cause.

The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary is a community-based initiative working to create a pest-free wildlife sanctuary close to the Nelson city centre in New Zealand.
Integral to creating the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary is construction of a pest-proof fence 14km long, to enclose the area, and to eradicate all the pest mammals within it. This will enable the re-creation of a historic piece of New Zealand which today is only found on a few offshore islands. Resident birds, reptiles and invertebrates will flourish and species previously lost from the area will be re-introduced.

The Brook Waimarama Sanctuar project was launched in 2004 and has strong community involvement and support. You can also learn more by visiting their website here:

The Brook Sanctuary Campaign office is open for business

The new campaign office space nestled into the top level of the Bowater Honda showroom is open for business as the team goes about planning the launch of the "Get behind the fence" campaign.

The team behind the new campaign office
The team behind the new Brook Sanctuary Campaign Office. Hudson Dodd (Sanctuary GM), David Kerr (BWST Business Development Advisor), Dave Butler (BWST Chair) & Chris Bowater (CEO Bowater Honda)

The Brook Sanctuary team has set about making in roads into the total funds needed to be raised to get the Brook Sanctuary's major project, the 14km long Predator Proof Fence, closer to completion. This fence is at the heart of the campaign to bring nature back to the Nelson region, and with an "inland island' established it is predicted that we could soon all hear again birdsong long since departed from the area. The beauty of this project is that it is all happening just minutes away from the city.

The new Campaign Office in the heart of downtown Nelson has certainly lifted the accessibility of this wonderful local project, and as time goes by, hopefully it makes it a little easier to organise the funds and donations rolling in.

There will of course be an exciting event in the near future to "officially" launch both the new campaign space and also the launch the drive for donations to "Get behind the fence".

The Brook Sanctuary moves into town.

You may have noticed some changes going at Bowater Honda's top showroom over the last couple of weeks. The Brook Waimarama Sanctaury Trust have joined with the Bowater Motor Group on Bowater Honda's prime inner city site on the corner of Rutherford & Hardy Streets, creating a brand new Brook Sanctuary Campaign office.

the signman team
The team from The Signman installing the large posters onto the windows of Bowater Honda, with Bowater Honda CEO Chris Bowater & Brook Sanctuary GM Hudson Dodd.

The new campaign office means that the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust will have a much more visible inner city presence, which will hopefully aid them when it comes to raising funds for the "Get behind the Fence" project, as well as generating a higher public awareness for the entire Sanctuary, and the environmental benefits it has for the entire community.

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