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Le Vent du Nord performs "Elise"

This is hauntingly beautiful.
Le Vent du Nord in fine form, with a great video to match!

Following are the English translations to the lyrics - just beautiful!
We are very much looking forward to seeing this wonderfully creative and passionate group in Nelson soon!


English translation:

The night my lovely Élise
Went to confession
She found her lover Louis
Under a priest’s vestment
Disguised as a Capuchin
He confessed her in his own way

Here I am before you, Father
With a repentant heart
I kneel before you
And ask you penance
For every time I have sinned
Forgive me please 

Father, a hundred times I have sworn
A hundred times I have been lazy
In truth, I have agreed
To utter idle words
I have badmouthed my neighbour
I did wrong in my own way

My daughter, it is not good 

For you to wallow in such vices
It would be much better for you
To get rid of such malice
Be careful what you say
Now, get on with your confession

That completes, Father 

My ordinary failings
Except for a young gentleman
With whom I am so enamored, oh God
I love him much, that is the trouble
He is the one who will touch my heart

My daughter, it is not good 

For you to wallow in such vices
If you love him so, well
The situation is not so difficult
Lovely, don’t you recognize me
Don’t you want me for your only husband

Alas, the sweetie cried 

Louis is the one confessing me
Luckily, I skillfully
Hid a secret from thee
For, if I had told it all
That one would have ruined it all

Well, sweetie, now I regret 

Having spoken so early
Hadn’t I been so hasty
I would have learned all your secrets
Surely I would have known
All your sins to this day.

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