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It was Jazz As for the Honda Jazz Launch in our new showroom

Some of the crowd that attended our launch for the new Honda Jazz.

On Thursday 24th of July we officially launched the brand new generation Honda Jazz with a bit of an evening at our new showroom in Achilles Ave.

A strong turnout from interested exisiting and new customers was meet with much excitement from the team at Bowater Honda - you never quite know just how many people will show up to something like a new car launch in these days of information overload via the internet.

We were all pleasantly surprised by just how much excitement there is locally for the new generation Honda Jazz. The showroom quickly filled up with those all keen to know more, and what a treat we had in store for them!

From Mugen Developments Head Office in Japan we were very fortunate to have from left; Bungo Yamamoto (Mugen, Sales & Marketing ), Vee Kulapruk (Honda NZ Accessory Development Manager) and right Aki Kojima (Mugen, Manager 2nd Division)

Not only were we blessed with some great wines from Waimea Estates, beers from Dales Brewing Company, and great platters of food from Smugglers, but we also had a team from the Honda high performance accessories and enhancement factory, and the Honda NZ National Service manager come along as quests.

Mugen is the name of this high performance branch of Honda. It allows for customers to enhance their vehicles with factory accessories that are designed to fit perfectly and work harmoniously with the Honda they have. The Honda Jazz RS Mugen is a perfect example of this, taking the standard Jazz and adding a whole lot more jazz to it!

honda jazz mugen
The Honda Jazz RS Mugen in premium pearl white

At the heart of our Honda Jazz launch was the display of the top of the line Honda Jazz RS Mugen in brilliant sporty blue - the ultimate form of the new generation of Honda Jazz. This takes your standard Jazz and Jazzes it Up a notch or ten for not a whole lot more money. The Honda Jazz RS Mugen with a manual gearbox comes in at just $29,500 (+orc), which is not that much more than the base model Honda Jazz S CVT at $23,700 (+orc).

The Honda Jazz RS Mugen features a stunning array of enhancements all designed as factory spec by Honda's own Mugen team. The Mugen body kit and Mugen Alloys all add a dramatic edge. The Honda Earthdreams 1.5 litre, 4 Cylinder, DOHC 16 valve, i-VTEC engine that all of the RS models have, adds a snappy, responsive powertrain that will quite frankly take you by surprise - in a great way.

The evening wasn't all just about the brilliance of the RS Mugen model - our sales manager Nick D'Evereux spent 15 minutes with a slideshow going over some of the finer points to the new range of Honda Jazz and the evolutions in this whole new generation. For a start it is actually cheaper than the model it replaces, and it has a whole lot more features packed into it!

jazz launch
Bowater Honda Sales Manager Nick D'Evereux presenting some of the features of the new Honda Jazz range, using the RS Mugen as the example.

Honda's national service manager, Bryan Davis, was also a welcomed guest. Not only were we very fortunate to have such an array of Honda heavyweights on hand for our Jazz Launch, but those that attended were treated to the insider knowledge a conversation with these national, and international, managers brings.

Bryan addressed the crowd with some humour, and went through some additional points and features regarding the technology now packed into the new Honda Jazz, how this enhances your safety, and also gives you a better driving experience.

jazz launch

Mugen's Aki Kojima, Manager of Mugen's 2nd Division, also spoke, which was an honour to hear from someone who lives and breathes high performance.

After the presentation the guests where invited to take a good look around the vehicles - and again the RS Mugen certainly attracted the crowd! We also held a bit of an impromtu competition as to who could be first to stack the nine big boxes into the back of the Jazz - showing us all the amazing space that this wee car has, and the large amount of stowage it can actually deal with.

honda jazz mugen

Thanks to everyone that came along, we hope you all had a great evening enjoying our hospitality and getting to know the new Honda Jazz a little bettter.

We have uploaded a photo album of photos from the night onto our facebook page - click here to cruise to them!

Click on the links to the right for more information on the new Honda Jazz, or click here to go right to our Jazz page. Better still come down to Bowater Honda, talk to Nick or Sheryl, and take one for a test drive yourself.
You will be as amazed, and excited as virtually everyone that gets into one. Jazz up your life and jump into a jazz today!

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