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Drive your dream with Bowater Hyundai

Get creative, get sandy & win a Santa Fe for a year!


This summer Hyundai want you to get creative, get sandy and enjoy the best of the kiwi summer outdoors and at the beach. The incentive? You could win yourself a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe for a year!

All you have to do is get down to the beach and get building a breathtaking sand castle, then upload it to Hyundai's Facebook page and get your friends to like it.
As always, the most likes wins, so think about how you could get millions of Facebook randoms to like your sculpture and you are into win!

 Here is a quick rundown:

Do you think this is your kind of thing?
We have some extra tips to get you motivated.

Plan Plan Plan. This is a Military Operation!

When it comes to these kinds of promotions it is all about the planning.
The key to this whole thing is the Facebook popularity contest, which you can actually use to your advantage if you are sneaky sneaky.

First things first though, the competition closes on February 17th, so you don't have a lot of time. You ideally want to have your sand castle planned and built by Feb 1st at the latest to give yourself a good couple of weeks to get some votes.

Building a stunning, award winning sand sculpture requires it's own set of specialist skills. Go to youtube and spend some time studying what others have done. Make a detailed plan and work out some rough dimensions. You are going to have to work at this - after all the prize is a $53,990 Hyundai Santa Fe to use for a year!

To get you inspired here are some entries from the 2011 World Sand Sculpting World Champs.

Next is to work out how to get Facebook likes. This can be tricky, but get the mix right and you might just surprise yourself how quickly you can get your sculpture photo to go viral. It is all in the planning.....
The competition revolves around a Hyundai Facebook App, don't be put off by this, it is all harmless and is used to make the Facebook voting and sharing work. It won't go posting random things onto your wall like some Apps. You need to share your photo with your friends and get them to install the App too, so that they can vote for your stunning Sand Sculpture.

But make sure you have read the terms and conditions to the competition once you have installed the Facebook App before you go investing precious summer days at the beach.......

Tricks of the trade. Sand Preparation.

With all sculpture it is about your base materials. The better grade of sand you use, the better off your end result is going to be. As stunning as the end photo might be at Kaiteriteri, the loose quartz crystal sand is never going to have the same sticking power as Tahunanui Beach sand.

Given that, you still need to create a very compact base to work from.
Here is a video that will get you on the right path.....

Note the tools that are being used in the video to sculpt the sand - artists clay tools.

We will post some more tips to this page so keep checking back - the sand sculpture videos on youtube just swallow time, so we will filter some of them and post them here for you.

Meet the Bowater Hyundai Team

Its all about the classics for Sean.

2019 hyundai sean 500

Sean joined the team in the early autumn of 2019, and comes with a local automotive industry pedigree stretching back a number of years. He is passionate about cars and customer service, and is very knowledgable in the aftersales space, so look forward to some excellent customer service!

Sean is one of the lucky few to own a Honda s2000. He is very enthusiastic about original state classics, infact his s2000 still has a cassette player in it even though he doesn't have any cassettes - lets see if we can rememdy that!

Come on down and have a chat, bring an old cassette tape, and have a fresh brewed coffee or cup of tea whilst getting your vehicle sorted. 

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