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  • towing with an isuzu
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  • isuzu mux
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  • Isuzu have vehicles that will add a new dimension to your lifestyle with true towing capacities you can use in the real world to tow that fully loaded massive caravan, or full horse float.
  • Built tough, and built to take 7 on real adventures - both on road and off. There is only one Mu-X because it has everything you need built right in.
  • The Isuzu Mu-X boasts an interior that can honestly seat 7, with a third row layout built for real world use.
  • The Isuzu D-Max is built tough, can tow a whopping 3.5 tonne fully loaded, & can play as hard as it works. Our range of used vehicles has plenty of work left in them, that's what you get when the build is tough!

Drive your dream with Bowater Isuzu

The hunt is on for a new Isuzu D-Max with the help of Davey Hughes

The 2013 Isuzu D-Max LS - a truck worthy of Davey Hughes respect.

This year it starts in your own backyard!

Isuzu have launched another D-Max hunt fronted by our generations Barry Crump - the legendary hunter, Swazi founder and all round nice guy, Davey Hughes. The competition is quite different for 2013 with the chance to win the D-Max a little bit more of a game.
But first things first - you will need to register to be a part of it all online.
Click here
to get started but come back to this page when you are done and we will give you some tips.

Davey Huges has been busy and the boffins behind the scenes have come up with a slightly different formula this time round. Davey Hughes has hidden 9 Hunting Licences out there in the New Zealand bush – 6 in the North Island and 3 in the South. Track one down and you can win one of two brand new Isuzu D-Max utes at Davey’s big D-Max Decider in October. But to join the hunt you need to sign up first.

Stay tuned for more information as we guide you through the process, and keep you in the loop. Keep reading to learn just how easy it is. Wouldn't it be awesome if someone local pulled it off and came home with a brand new Isuzu D-Max!

Here's how it all works.

Step 1. Find a license

This is no ordinary internet hunt. No sir, you’ve got to go bush and hunt for real. You can hunt for a Licence in any region you like this year. But first you’ll need to pass Davey’s hunting challenges. Once you have found a license enter the unique code on the map page of the hunt website to secure your place in the D-Max Decider event.


Step 2. Pass the challenges, get the clues

Even though the Hunt has started, challenges can be completed at any time over the next few weeks, but best be in quick. When you pass a challenge, you’ll unlock a clue to where the Hunting Licences are hidden in every region. Bit by bit they’ll give you hints to the location of each one.

Step 3. Watch Davey on Facebook

Bone up on your hunting skills with one of the best in the business – Davey Hughes. Check in on Facebook every week for a new video to help you pass the challenges – and track down a Hunting Licence


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