The Camo D-Max makes a return.

The Bowater Isuzu Camo wrapped D-Max was a head turner and certainly was a talking point where ever it went. It ended up going to a new home on the West Coast to be used like a proper truck! No posing outside the cafe looking all shiny, this hard core machine was destined to be used and driven to the best places in the country - out the back and well away from the roads!

When you are living this kind of lifestyle you need a truck you can rely on, and one that is up to the task, with proper off road pedigree. The new West Coast owners are loving the D-Max and using it well, as evidenced by the photos we recently received.

The Camo D-Max out in the wilds!

How cool is that! Not a road, or any form of civilisation to be seen AT ALL, and the horizon is a very long way away. This is the beauty of living where we do......


The Camo D-Max out in the wilds!

We are happy it is getting used as it was intended, out in the wilds doing proper work!

As a wee reminder of just what we can do for you, here are some close ups of the Camo D-Max from a photo shoot last year.


Doesn't it look awesome!!!!!

Close up it is even better.
We can arrange to get your hunt truck all kitted out just like this for you saving you the hassle. just ask!


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