Add colour and excitement to your life. Accessorise, customise and make your car your own.

yaris and yoga
The new 2015 Toyota Yaris - a perfectly fun way to navigate a busy life!

Have our lives have got way, way busier lately, or this just a figment of imagination bought about by having so many more opportunities to just do more things?

An eternal question presented to us all collectively as we "grow up' and fill our lives with layers upon layers of daily activites, fun and excitement.

What hasn't changed is the opportunity for fun, and to not take life a little too seriously. Infact, we have greater chances to have fun expressing our individuality than ever before. Technology has brought about abilities that just did not exist a few years ago. Why own and drive a normal, "boring car" when you can customise it into something completely unique and completely exciting! Something that expresses your personality. Something not to be missed!

If you have been out and about in Nelson lately you are sure to be spotted Bowater Toyota's latest demonstrator, a new 2015 Toyota Yaris that started life with the base colour of COOL SODA.

Seizing the moment, the team at Bowater Toyota decided to add in some funky flavour to this great little car, giving everyone that sees it the chance to have a quiet little think about how they can personalise their current or next vehicle. A little moment of inspiration perhaps.
It is certainly hard to miss and has since become affectionately known as the HOT SODA Yaris - hence the photo outside the local Hot Yoga Studio - nice little tie in there isn't it, and the perfect around town vehicle for a bunch of Hot Yogarites......

Infact the 2014 Toyota Yaris is the perfect small car for a whole bunch of people. Nimble and agile, this fuel efficient 5 door hatch is the perfect blend of space, comfort and small car convenience. And with an average fuel consumption of just 5.7L/100kms for the manual GX model it is very cost effective to run. 

The starting price for this wee beauty is just $22,990 (+orc) so it is super easy to get into a new one.


Add your personality to an everyday item and life outside of the ordinary.

Toyota Yaris

New cars are great. Lately many new colours have been added to the ranges, like the awesome new colour options in the 2014 Toyota Yaris range, with exciting names like COOL SODA,  Sunset Bronze, Tidal Blue, and Vivid Yellow.

But sometimes this isn't enough for some people. They want a little bit more. And why wouldn't they. Nelson is famous for being the home of some truely unique, and very arty folks. The home of Wearable Arts. A place famous for sunshine and creativity, so why be ordinary?

The perfect time to step away from ordinary is when buying a new vehicle, as everything is pristine and things like vinyl signwriters wrap attaches ever so easily. Don't get us wrong, you can still do all of this to a pre-loved vehicle, but imagine the thrill of customising a new off the lot vehicle before you even take delivery!

Take the new 2014 Toyota Yaris in Cool Soda. Quite a lovely looking car. Awesome colour too. But a quick visit to Mark at The Signman and we have created an entirely different feeling vehicle!


We did not however stop there.

Oh no. We took the whole thing to another level and once the custom artwork was attached it was time to add in the Toyota NZ Daytime Running Lights, side skirts and rear bob tail spoiler (which we also wrapped in vinyl). Next was a visit to Mag and Turbo in Vanguard Street Nelson to see Matt and the team for a set of quite awesome matt black wheels and new tyres to add another dimension to the vehicle.

Window tints, Toyota floor matts, mud flaps, monsoon shields, rear bumper guard and rear proximity sensors soon followed and we had quickly turned a cool soda Yaris into a HOT SODA Yaris, and added in a whole lot of awesome!

Indeed, why be ordinary. A bit of time, a little bit more money, and some creativity and we have created something that is sure to get attention and be easy to spot in the supermarket carpark from quite a long way away.......


For more info on the Toyota Yaris click here to go to the Toyota NZ web page about it.