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Lexus launches the world's first Origami inspired car, made from cardboard, and able to be driven.


There’s never been a Lexus quite like it: infact the creation of a one-off, life-sized Lexus IS is an art project in itself - and a celebration of it's current marketing strategy of "creating amazing"

What makes this Lexus IS different, unique and inspirational is that it is crafted in precision-cut cardboard. The cardboard car is inspired, according to Lexus, by an origami test the company requires of workers on its production line—and is, at its heart, an incredibly complicated paper sculpture.

Comprised of some 1700 individually shaped pieces of cardboard, this origami inspired car is a faithful replica of the Lexus IS saloon, and is produced as a celebration of the human craftsmanship skills that go into every car Lexus makes.

With a fully fitted interior, functioning doors, headlights and rolling wheels, the “Origami” Lexus explores the design of the Lexus IS in forensic detail, and that’s not all. Thanks to an electric motor mounted on its steel and aluminium frame, it can even be driven forwards and backwards.

Introducing the worlds first origami carIntroducing the worlds first origami car. Click to play the video

Lexus remains in contention in GT series

Lexus RC-F race car

Lexus drivers and teams remain in contention for Japan’s Super GT series after the latest round held at Sugo over the weekend.
With just two rounds remaining, only eight points separate the top six pairs of drivers, while the leading Lexus team is only six points in arrears.

At Sugo Kazuya Oshima and Yuji Kunimoto finished fourth to be the top placed Lexus team in a two litre turbocharged RC F coupe.
The 300 kms race was won by Naoki Yamamoto and Takuya Izawa, the first victory by an NSX this year, which propelled them to second on the point’s ladder.
Hironobu Yasuda and J.P. de Oliveira still lead the championship in a GT-R after only finishing 11th.
The top ranked Lexus team going into the next round at Autopolis next month is Yuji Tachikawa and Hiroaki Ishiura in another RC F, who lie fourth on the points table, after finishing tenth on Sunday.

Lexus announces 2015 Global Motorsport Plans

150204 RC-F-GT3-Motorsport

Lexus International has announced its continued participation in motorsport in 2015 while marking its commitment with the unveiling of a new motorsport logo.

Recently launched in New Zealand, the Lexus RC F halos Lexus’ performance line-up and forms the basis of its international competition vehicles for 2015. Continuing from 2014, Lexus Racing will compete in the premier category of Japanese motorsport - the GT500 class.

Lexus NZ General Manager, Steve Prangnell, says to have Lexus competing in GT will elevate the performance credentials of the Lexus F range and solidify the RC F in the minds of potential customers as a genuine performance car.

Lexus stuns with next generation LF-LC hybrid supercar

Lexus has lifted the covers on the second version of its LF-LC sports coupe concept at the Sydney Motor Show and hinted that it may go into production in some form.

The car, finished in a stunning Opal Blue - to match the natural base colour of the Australian gemstone, updates the first concept, revealed at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year.

Lexus is using many of the lessons learnt in its high-tech LFA supercar's construction, particularly merging carbon fibre and alloys to create a strong but extremely light body, and as we all know with our experience with the amazing Toyota 86, light kerbweight equals superb handling and performance.

It also features the next-generation of its Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain, imaginatively named Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive, but making up for it with a smaller high-energy battery pack that helps combines with petrol power to make 372kW, and 500bhp, that's 60bhp more than the LS600h, making it the most powerful Lexus Hybrid in existance.

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