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Drive your dream with Bowater Hyundai

Bowater Hyundai are bringing the Pinnacle Programme to Nelson


The Pinnacle Programme is a totally life changing affair.

The gifted and driven teenagers involved are given the opportunity to experience a journey quite unlike any other, and will come out the other side even more focused and determined than before, and hopefully on the cusp of blossoming into an adult at the top of their game. The Pinnacle if you will.

Not only will they be mentored by a collection of inspiration New Zealanders, but they will also be given a new toolbox of skills to help them develop their strengths, motivate their dreams and ignite their passions for succeeding. 

Bowater Hyundai are very keen to get as many of our local, talented teenagers into the programme as possible. The Top of the South is a great breeding ground for youth to perfect their respective art and craft themselves into world beaters. That is why we have pulled out all the stops to get the Pinnacle Programme to our showroom on Thursday November 13th 2014 from 5.30 - 7pm so that we can all get a taste for what it is all about.

Pinnacle Programme Ambassadors are coming - prepare to be blown away!

The Pinnacle Programme is all about inspiring youngsters to aspire to lofty heights and set their targets high.

What better way to do this than to surround them with New Zealanders that life their lives that way - setting amazing goals and achieving them with style!

Bowater Hyundai are very excited to be able to bring some of these Pinnacle Programme Ambassadors to our Nelson Showroom to hold an evening where students, parents and teachers can all get a handle on just what the Pinnacle Programme has to offer, and why they need to apply to join it. The evening, from 5.30 until around 7pm at at 106 Rutherford Street showroom, will no doubt leave our talented youngsters wanting more, and thinking of ways that they can become involved.

Applying is easy. Coming along to the event will open your eyes to the true long term benefits. If you are a motivated, driven and talented teenager, or the parent or teacher of one, then this evening is a must.

There is nothing more motivating than success. The journey of one thousand miles must start with the first step - so take that step and give our Sales Manager Jayne a call on 03 545 8032 / 027 630 3356 to let us know that you are coming so we can make sure that we have enough resources for everyone attending.


Meet Mike Allsop. And ask yourself HOW.

Mike Allsop is quite a person. On paper you read what this man does and think how?????
An 737 airliner Pilot for Air NZ, a mountaineer and successful climber of Mt Everest, and one of only 5 in the world to have run 7 marathons, on 7 continents, in 7 days!

If there is ever a definition of motivated than this man is it!

Bear Grylls once described Mike as "A regular man faced with some very irregular adventures". 

Former Silver Fern Netballer and all round NZ sporting icon Bernice Mene will also be here in her official capacity as the Pinnacle Programme Manager to talk us all through the processes, what to expect from the programme and how to excell in it.

We will be providing some light snacks, so please let us know that you are coming by Novemebr 5th so that we can firm up our catering. If there is one thing we have learnt over the years it is never to undercater an event full of motivated and fit teenagers - they need fuelling like a precision but ultimately very hungry engine!



Meet the Bowater Hyundai Team

Liam will help you discover the power of enhancements.

2019 hyundai liam 500

Liam has returned back to the Bowater's team in late autumn 2019, after a short stint over in Australia. 

Liam previously worked for the group as the store manager for our Mag & Turbo business in Vanguard Street, Nelson City. 
Coming from that pedigree, you can be sure that Liam knows a thing or two about rims and tyres, aftersales enhancements and truly making a vehicle yours! 

Liam is also very passionate about cars, and has been for a very long time. From his previous experience he has a great depth of knowledge and can help guide you through the post purchase part of your relationship with Bowater Hyundai.

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