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Toitu Envirocare

toitu diamond webAll of our branches have certification by one of NZ's top eco standards. See what we are doing here.

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spannerModern cars need specialist tools & analysis. Book in at our Toyota Service Bay.


car-wheelsWe can source & fit a wide range of specialist parts & accessories. Learn more.

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key 128If you need help into your new car we can provide finance. 

Drive your dream with Bowater Toyota

Specialist Service & Genuine Parts - you can't go wrong.


The modern car is a mechanical marvel, and very much evolved from the simple machines a generation ago. They generally have now got at least several computers onboard running everything from Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) through to ABS braking systems, traction control and integrated engine management systems.

All of this technology often just runs in the background with the average driver unaware of just how much is going on behind the scenes. We all hear about ABS, EFI, and other accronyms, but few understand exactly what it all does. All of this technology makes for better and safer cars, but also means that specialist servicing with specialist diagnostic tools is a must.

Our technicians are Toyota trained, and we have the very best Toyota Approved Diagnostic equipment and fully equipped, state of the art workshops. With our experience, knowledge and commitment to the Toyota way, we will meet all of your Service & Parts requirements.


Not all parts & servicing is the same, nor does it cost the same.


In most cases you will actually save money by getting us to service your vehicle. Some out there have the misconception that dealership servicing is going to cost an arm and a leg, but the reality is, with our specialist diagnostic tools, we can get to the heart of any problem a whole lot quicker, and fix and test the repair in less time as well.
Because we use genuine Toyota parts we are confident in the quality - these all come with a 2 year, unlimited km warranty. This is peice of mind - it is your car afterall, and the last thing you want is cheap components failing when you least need it, like under hard braking at 100 km to avoid an accident! A few dollars saved on cheaper parts may cost you a lot more in the long run.


Quality wins everytime.

award winning and friendly.  

We have a comprehension Accessories and Parts Department at Bowater Toyota. Infact they are recognised as the best in the land, two years running, winning the Parts & Accessories Excellence Cup from Toyota New Zealand for both 2013 and 2014!
Kieron Reilly, the Parts Manager, runs an impressive team that are passionate not only about cars, but helping you make the most out of your car, and enable it to perfectly fit in with your lifestyle. Cars are customisable. If you are kayaking every other weekend not only are you going to need a suitable vehicle to get your kayak to the water, but you are going to need a safe and secure way to transport your kayak. We can offer solutions, competitive prices and helpful advice. We deal with it all of the time, so have got as many different solutions as there are problems to be solved!


Service Lite - a new service product to make it easier for older cars.

Toyota Service Lite has been created for owners of older Toyotas, who still want to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their vehicle is being inspected and serviced by trained Toyota technicians. And all for the very competitive fixed price of just $195* for a petrol vehicle, or $245* for a diesel.

Toyota Service Lite includes all the major checks necessary to make sure your
vehicle is 100% roadworthy. And with our level of knowledge and expertise at your disposal, you simply can’t get a better job done for such a great price. To find out more about Service Lite click here, or on the menu to the right.