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Drive your dream with Bowater Toyota

We are committed to Safer Motoring by investing in the best technology

Every once in a while you get the opportunity to consider how much your safety is worth.

Once of the great benefits of the rapid pace of technology is the development and deployment of speciality testing equipment. Bowater Toyota have been very lucky to be able to install in our central Nelson workshop some of this latest technology - the Safe-T-Stop diagnostic equipment.


It basically works like a drive on weigh bridge type system of very finely tuned and incredibly accurate sensors. It can quickly detect how multiple safety systems in your vehicle perform under normal and emergency situations. And then it gives you an accurate and detailed report that will enable you to take the necessary actions in the event an imbalance is just starting or overwhelmingly compromising the safety of your vehicle, and in turn your self and your family.

Accurate and Credible Testing for just $24.95


The Safe-T-Stop system performs vital safety checks on brakes, steering, wheels and suspension on your vehicle that other testing methods miss. The test is carried out on the electronically accurate PlateTronic® equipment. Approved by VTNZ and meeting the stringent NMI European Safety Standards, Safe-T-Stop test lanes measure and simulate a vehicle's brake performance - just as it would happen in an emergency stop on the road. It's a test you can really trust, and you'll even get a printed record to take away of how your vehicle performed to add to your service files.


The real beauty of this test is that it is purely diagnostic and delivers a printed report that not only emphatically records the exact performance of your vehicle in several key safety aspects, but also records your vehicle photographically doing it - so you have total peace of mind that the test relates exactly to your vehicle and specifically to that time stamp.



So affordable you can't afford not too!

The Safe-T-Stop test only costs $24.95 and is very quick. You will need to book in though as it is a very busy piece of workshop technology!
If you are getting work done, or a general service, you can request the test as an additional extra - as cheap as a nice pizza meal for the family!!!!!
It is a true investment in the safety of everyone that travels in your vehicle.  

The Safe-T-Stop test also includes an electronic tyre wear check that not only adds to your car's safety but can also save you money. Safe-T-Stop tests your wheel alignment on both front and rear axles and also the actual drag from your tyres on the road's surface. Knowing that you need a wheel alignment (or not) will save you money as reduced wear on tyres not only extends the life of the tyre, but also makes your car a whole lot more fuel efficient.


What your Safe-T-Stop check Involves.

  • Detects dangerous side-to-side and front-to-rear brake imbalances that will cause a vehicle to potentially spin out of control in an emergency stop moment.

  • Checks wheel alignment on both front and rear axles to guarantee maximum tyre performance.

  • Measures ride quality by testing the rebound of each shock absorber, from firm to soft.

  • Measures corner weight and acts as a weighbridge.

  • Gives accurate printout of the vehicles performance and photo proof that the test has been completed on your vehicle.