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This section is for used cars that come through our yard that are a little special.
Cars that get our attention and get us excited.
These cars tend to go really quickly, so if you like what you see, get onto it right away and call one of the sales team asap!

Chairman of the bored? You need this excitement back in your life!

 2012 Lexus ISFThe awesome 2012 Lexus ISF - sounds as good as it looks. Click to enlarge.

You have missed the chance to own this slice of automotive perfection. 

The Lexus ISF is a V8 masterpiece.
It represents the pinnacle of automotive technology from 2012 and is the flagship performance model of it's time from the luxury arm of Toyota.
You know that it is full of superior engineering backed up with more research and development that any other car brand, complete with a wide array of features you would expect from a vehicle such as this. What you don't expect is the astounding level of performance from such a luxury, 4 door sedan. This car is bonkers. The V8 exhaust note is a thing of real beauty, it is truly awesome, sublime even and stirs the soul, brings you to life, and makes your drive a real dream!

The 2012 Lexus ISF was one of those quintessential moments in automotive history, and represents the moment Toyota switched direction a little bit under the new Toyota Motor Corp CEO Akio Toyoda, an avid motor racing fan who thought that Toyota needed to make driving more fun. Lexus took on a new direction with this vehicle as well as the iconic supercar the LFA, and Toyota was not left out with the development and release in 2012 of the also very fun Toyota 86.

In little old Nelson, we embraced this new sentiment and the chairman of the Bowater Motor Group was fortunate to secure this top end vehicle. He has driven this very special vehicle since new but it is now time for it to find a worthy new home.

In just a few short weeks from listing this unique and special vehicle a new custodian in Christchurch approached us via our online presence and purchased this car.

The message here to take away from this, and the reason why we will leave this page here is that if you see a vehicle that you love, particularily a rare one, don't dilly dally. Come and see us, email us or give us a call. The internet has made buying cars a nationwide thing now. A large percentage of our pre-owned cars are sold to buyers out of the region. The Bowaters name is recognised nationwide for supplying quality vehicles at great prices with a fantastic support network behind each and every sale.  

Tame the wild with this Landcruiser VX Bargain!

Update: 20th November. This vehicle has sold.

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 VX LTD 4.2t/d S/W 1994

These rare vehicles only come around once in a blue moon.
Rarer still is the opportunity to get into a Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series for less that $15,000 - and this one is even less than that at just $13,990.

The beauty of selling the large volume of vehicles that we do is that in most cases there is a trade in aspect to the changeover for most people. These vehicles obviously vary greatly, and occassionally we get in vehicles that we hardly ever have the opportunity to have on our yard.


It might have clocked up a few kilometres (305,000km), but it has now got the experience to handle whatever you throw at it!!!

It has a long list of features (keep reading) and is in a remarkably tidy condition.

Lexus: Tuned to the senses for the discerning driver


Lexus produces a highly crafted machine.
It is the pinnacle of fine Japanese engineering, and a symbol of all that is wonderful in the world. Toyota have committed to building the best car they possibly can using all of their experience and a no holds barred attitude. Commitment to excellence. A remarkable use of technology that assists rather than overwhelms.

Here at Bowater Toyota we take pride in the fact that we are able to supply the discerning motorist such finely honed machines. On occasion we are able to offer used Lexus vehicles to our local customers. As you would expect these are well kept cars, in immaculate condition and a great opportunity for someone to get into one of these vehicles and save a few dollars at the same time.

We currently have available for your viewing the perfect car for any looking for absolute luxury and presence, a Lexus GS300 (pictured right). The late model Lexus CT200H Ltd Hybrid (pictured left) sold quickly, proving that if you want to be at the cutting edge of automotive technology you need to be at the cutting edge of information technology as well, and keeping a sharp eye on our online marketing!
The Lexus GS300 is in our showroom now and is certainly well appointed, and well worth a look if you are in the market for a luxurious statement.