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Let's not beat around the bush. Reputations are earnt the hard way.

hilux forestry

The locals love the Toyota Hilux. It has been the regions top selling new vehicle for a very long time. There is a reason for that. We live in a demanding area, and the vehicles we need to use on the land need to be tough enough to cope. The Toyota Hilux has proved time and time again that it is, that is why the companies that rely on it keep coming back. Click here to learn more about the all new 2016 Toyota Hilux. 

The all new RAV4 is here, it's time for fun & adventure.

Written by Media Manager.

Ian Loftus, Jayne Collier & our new sales cadet Toby Bowden with the 3 new RAV4 demonstrator models.

After quite a wait, and an amazing response overseas, it is finally our turn to get our hands on the all new generation Toyota RAV4.

This morning the first order of business was getting the new RAV4's out and about with a very busy morning of pre-booked test drives. With all of the noise on the internet, the Americans going all out with their RAV4 Genie Super Bowl campaign, and youtube being full of RAV4 previews, there has been intense interest in this release.

Bowater Toyota helps Garin College into a new van

Written by Media Manager.

Garin College
From Left: Buzz Bartlett (Bowater Toyota Salesman), Robert Booth (Garin College Boarding Manager), Tony Bowater (Bowater Toyota CEO), Junita Wopereis (Hostel Boarder), Dana Lobb (Hostel Head Girl), John Wopereis (Co-Captain of the hostel), Paul O'Regan (School Captain & Head of Sport).

Garin College is a very busy place. They are a local Richmond Catholic secondary school integrated into the New Zealand State School system, for day students and boarders. They offer a high a high quality education to locals and student boarders from the top of the south, as well as some international students. The hostel cares for 56 students, and as such has got specific needs when it comes to providing a well rounded education, with extra-curricular, out of school hours activities being a high priority. As Garin College's Boarding Manager Robert Booth said to us when they came to pick up their new school van, "A busy boarder is a happy boarder!"

A busy boarder is also a boarder that often needs to be moved from activity to activity in a safe and timely manner. Not to mention the logistics of moving a school of 434 students around to various local events and out of town exchanges.

Towards the end of last year a decision was made to begin upgrading some of the schools fleet of 3 Toyota Mini-vans. Bowater Toyota were more than happy to help Garin College in what ever way they could. Encouraging our youth to drive their dreams is not about getting kids into cars, it is about facilitating youth development wherever we can, and hopefully being a part of enabling the youth of our area to excell and succeed. .

Time for a Career Change? Have we got the opportunity for you!

Written by Media Manager.

Looking for a changeLooking for a change? Can you pay attention to detail? Click to enlarge this poster to see the finer points.

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, and occur most for those that have their eyes open.

Take the scene above, which was taken in Riwaka recently.
Are you the kind of person that would see this situation as the perfect opportunity to chat to the sheep farmer about the benefits of the latest model Toyota Hilux you happen to be driving, and then hand over your business card you happen to have at your fingertips?

If so then we really want to talk with you.

Bowater Toyota are looking for a couple of motivated and opportunity driven people to join our Sales Team. We think we have got some very exciting reasons why we may be able to entice you into a career you may not have considered before.

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