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Meet the Bowater Hyundai Team

Written by Media Manager.

Call in for a cup of coffee and meet our friendly team in person.

Chris BowaterChris Bowater
CEO. Bowater Hyundai

Chris is a 3rd generation Bowater family member taking care of the family business and has lived in Nelson most of his life.

Chris has been CEO at Bowater Hyundai since the dealership opened in 2007; offering the locals of the top of the south an exciting range of cars that has been fast becoming one of New Zealand's favourites.
His family comes first in his life, reflecting the Bowater philosophy of Family Values, and Value for Families. Chris is married to Yvonne and has two children, Laura and Jacob.
In his spare time he enjoys movies, the gym, golf and travel - and Chris also plays rugby in the President's grade for the Nelson Rugby Football Club and Golden Oldies for the Buccaneers Club.

Click here to contact Chris or learn more about him. 


Bowater Hyundai Sales Team.

2016-hyundai-ross pragnell500Ross Pragnell
General Sales Manager

Ross brings a wealth of experience to the team at Bowater Hyundai and has quickly established himself as a key component to the continued success of our busy showroom.

A recent returner to New Zealand after an extended contract consulting on overall operations to a large Vehicle Group in Papua New Guinea, Ross was very keen to branch out from a lifetime based in and around Auckland. The opportunity to join and lead the busy sales team of Bowater Hyundai in Nelson also offered the chance to embrace all of the great things that our wonderous region is famous for - a stunning landscape, a more relaxed way of life and a great boating community - something Ross is keen to get involved in again. 

Ross is very excited to get involved in our community, meet our customers and shine a light onto the great vehicle range Bowater Hyundai have to offer. Come down and meet him. 

Corrie ChambersCorrie Chambers
Vehicle Sales Consultant

Corrie has returned to her home town after many years living in the Gold Coast of Australia.

She has an extensive background in motor sales, having spent many years in the marine sales industry as well as motor vehicle sales on the GC.

The call of her family still living in the region, and the easy access to the great outdoors we enjoy, lured Corrie back to the top of the south, keen to let her growing daughter experience some of the style of childhood that she herself experienced.  

Corrie has a real passion for the Hyundai range of vehicles and can guide you on your next vehicle purchase. 


James Duncan

James Duncan
Vehicle Sales Consultant

James has a youthful exuberance on his side, and a real love of cars, having come through the industry since his first job as a vehicle groomer back in 2002.

Born and bred in Nelson, James grew up in Wakefield and attended Waimea College. He has kept true to his country roots, having competitively ridden horses since he was 5. He now competes on a national level, often travelling to events such as the Horse of the Year with his horse. Got a question about towing a horse float - James is your man! He has towed more horse floats in his time than most of us have had hot dinners! Hyundai of course have a great range of vehicles well suited to just this purpose, as well as quite a few with the pedigree of a fine throughbred!
Since then he has learnt his skills through a hard earned respect of doing a job well, and gaining the knowledge to be an excellent vehicle consultant through learning the ropes from the inside.

Click here to contact James or learn more about him. 


Daryl Pritchard

Daryl Pritchard
Vehicle Sales Consultant

Daryl has been in the car industry for a long time, ever since he started as an apprentice mechanic for the Post Office's Workshop in Wellington, where he grew up.

We are fortunate to have him, and all of his varied vehicle industry experience, with us at Bowater Hyundai since 2010.

Daryl lives in Stoke with his wife, they have four grown children living as far afield as Wellington and Sydney. A proud supporter of the Hurricanes and the Lions, Daryl maintains his strong connection to the city he grew up in.

He is a strong believer in the Bowater philosophy of giving back to the community and thrives on "the strong focus of ethical business within the company"

Daryl is an enthusiastic fisherman and says his lack of results has failed to deter him from his enthusiasm. Click here to contact Daryl.


craig fenemorCraig Fenemor
Vehicle Sales Consultant

Craig joined the team at Bowater Hyundai in early 2016 and brings an new found excitement for the Hyundai Range into the mix. He moved back here to his home town from a life in Australia where he worked as a photographer.

Born and bred in Nelson he went to Waimea College and played cricket for Nelson quite successfully back in the day. Now he prefers cycling to unwind, a touch of playing music, and still keenly pursues the art of photography - so expect some great "in the field" car shots!!!!!

Craig is a local lad with strong family connections in the area, enjoys getting out and about, and is a mad keen consumer of a quality culinary experience - it is all about the finer things in life, like the Hyundai range. Craig has enjoyed getting to grips with the range that is consistantly winning awards, and is really happy to share his knowledge with you.


Bowater Hyundai Parts & Service Team.

Peter CantrickPeter Cantrick
Parts & Service Manager

Peter's role is to manage all parts and technical aspects within the dealership to enhance customer satisfaction by offering a high level of service.

Peter has been with the Bowater Motor Group since 1992, originally in the Bowater Motors Motueka branch, starting out as a service technician.

He has been a long term asset to the group and has risen through the ranks as he has gained experience in all aspects of the motor industry.

When the Bowater Motor Group obtained the Hyundai franchise in 2007 and set up the Hardy Street showroom, Peter came in as the Parts & Service Manager, adding many valuable years of experience, and a friendly, familiar "Bowater's" face to the new team. Peter believes that the relocation to the new showroom has been perfectly timed, it reflects the strong growth in the Hyundai brand locally.
"This will be complemented by positioning ourselves to be one of the highest profile sites in the Nelson CBD" he states.

Peter has lived in Motueka with his family for the past 34 years after moving to the Top of the South from the bottom of the south - he was a Southland lad originally!
Click here to contact Peter directly, or to learn more of his story.


Lana SmithAlanah Smith
Parts & Service Assistant

Lana joined Bowater Hyundai in the middle of 2013 as the receptionist / parts & service assistant and has grown quickly into a familiar and friendly face in the dealership for many locals. 

Her responsibilities include "administering all things parts and service orientated - from ordering parts to booking in vehicles for service"

Lana has always had a love for cars. She grew up helping her Dad in the garage on his many projects, and loved it. She also loves motorsport and raced Youth Ministocks at Speedway.  

In her spare time Lana loves to cook, and even tried out for Masterchef once. According to the team in the workshop Lana cooks a delicious sausage roll - and the plates are always clean after one of her "smoko shouts"!


2015-hyundai-samwatt 500Sam Newman-Watt
Parts & Service Assistant

Sam is a super interesting fellow. One of those men you meet that has a rich and varied story through the life choices he has made. Ask him one day about the decade he spent in the UK working his way up to head mechanic on a car that was a part of a mega motor racing team that collectively ran up to 9 full racecars in many divisions. Imagine that!

Sam started his motoring journey straight from school in Auckland, undertaking an apprenticeship and gaining experience in a couple of workshops. A little while later, and then fully qualified, he headed overseas for a supercharged OE. A decade on and the lure of Aotearoa drew him and his family back to Pukekohe where his extended family was based. He set up a very successful "dealership like" workshop with a business partner and got stuck in. With a growing family, and memories of original plans to "put quality of lifestyle first", Sam and his family decided to make a change and live in the best part of New Zealand - and here they are. Loving it, the region, the bay, the fishing and the great outdoors. 


Service Workshop. 

Gordon MainsGordon Mains
Workshop Technician

Gordon has been with Bowater Hyundai since 2013, coming to us from Heslops.

He has much experience in automotive repair, coming from a solid industry background culminating in owning his own workshop in Auckland for 15 years.

In 2008 Gordon, his wife and 2 children moved to Nelson in search of a more outdoor focused lifestyle. The chance to spend more time biking and kayaking was appealing, as well as a different environment for raising children.

The family love it here, and are here, there and everywhere with all sorts of activities these days.
Gordon is also involved with the local Scouting movement.


2014-hyundai-hoogz250Roy "Hoogz" Hoogeveen
Workshop Technician

Since his school days he has been called Hoogz, and the name has stuck and grown with him. Now days it is just the way it is, it is the name everyone calls him, and Hoogz even has it printed on his work shirts.

Hoogz has been with Bowaters since early 2002, and has worked in both the Bowater Honda and now the Bowater Hyundai workshops.

He really knows his stuff and is the go to guy to give technical analysis and expertise to keep your vehicle in tip top condition.

He loves cars so much it spills over into his private life. In his spare time Hoogz is a keen restorer of vintage Anglia's - he has quite a mint one that he can be seen out and about in on a regular basis.  


samSam Whiting
Workshop Technician

Sam has been with Bowater Hyundai since the autumn of 2014, having returned home to Nelson with his partner from several years in Perth, to be closer to family for the birth of their first child, a baby daughter.

He first became an apprentice mechanic back in 2001 in Nelson and worked his way through the system to become a foreman at Top of the South Garages before heading over the ditch to take up a foreman / assistant managers job in Perth. This was more of a management role so Sam is happy to be back in the tools at Bowater Hyundai  - right in amongst it.

In his spare time Sam loves a bit of mountain biking, fishing and hunting and spending time with his family when he is not out in his garage tinkering on an old Model A he has in progress! 



Van Thawngcem
Workshop Technician

Van is originally from Myanmar and moved to Nelson with his family in 2010 to start a new life.

He begn working in the Bowater Hyundai workshop in early 2015 and has settled into the busy team environment and can always be found with a cheeky wide smile and an infectious laugh! 

Van is very keen on cars and will always be the one happy to help when it comes time to move cars to and from an event - he is super keen on learning and the more times he can get behind the wheel he happier he is. 
Van's passion for the Hyundai brand is very evident and he enjoys the support from a very encompassing national training centre that all of our technicians regularly attend as they collectively further both knowledge and advances in technology and diagnostics.