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  • towing with an isuzu
  • isuzu mux
  • isuzu mux
  • 2014 isuzu d-max
  • Isuzu have vehicles that will add a new dimension to your lifestyle with true towing capacities you can use in the real world to tow that fully loaded massive caravan, or full horse float.
  • Built tough, and built to take 7 on real adventures - both on road and off. There is only one Mu-X because it has everything you need built right in.
  • The Isuzu Mu-X boasts an interior that can honestly seat 7, with a third row layout built for real world use.
  • The Isuzu D-Max is built tough, can tow a whopping 3.5 tonne fully loaded, & can play as hard as it works. Our range of used vehicles has plenty of work left in them, that's what you get when the build is tough!

Drive your dream with Bowater Isuzu

The Isuzu SUVs unbridle your lifestyle and unlock hidden places

picnic at Rabbit Island

Maximise your lifestyle & Create happy campers!

Getting away from it all takes a special kind vehicle. A vehicle capable of many things. A vehicle that can be a comprehensive tow vehicle one moment, an off road explorer the next, and still be comfortable enough for a quick trip into town to pick up supplies.

The beauty of living in the South Island is that there are still many places far off the beaten track. These places, for those in the know, are well worth the hardship of getting to them. These days though, vehicles like the Isuzu D-Max and Isuzu MuX mean that the trip is a whole lot more comfortable, and safer, than it ever used to be, even towing a massive caravan!

We recently caught up with new Isuzu customer Richard Holland out at Rabbit Island with his new Isuzu D-Max and very large, and very nice home away from home - a twin axle 2 tonne Southern Star Caravan.
We stopped in on our way back from picking up Bowater Isuzu salesman James' horse and horse float in the new Isuzu 7 seater SUV, the Isuzu MuX.

The timing was perfect for an old fashioned rest area stopover, a good old cup of tea and biscuits kind of affair. The kind of stop we all used to have back when car trips were quite the adventure, and required a stop for a cup of tea every couple of hours!

Isuzu releases an exciting new colour

isuzu dmax

The good folks at Isuzu have just released a brand new colour to the D-Max choices - Venetian Red! It is stunning, and will be a real head turner for sure!

The best way to experience this is not of course through a screen, but in real, actual life, so head down to Bowater Isuzu on the corner of Rutherford and Hardy to talk to the team and they will sort you out.


The Camo D-Max makes a return.

The Bowater Isuzu Camo wrapped D-Max was a head turner and certainly was a talking point where ever it went. It ended up going to a new home on the West Coast to be used like a proper truck! No posing outside the cafe looking all shiny, this hard core machine was destined to be used and driven to the best places in the country - out the back and well away from the roads!

When you are living this kind of lifestyle you need a truck you can rely on, and one that is up to the task, with proper off road pedigree. The new West Coast owners are loving the D-Max and using it well, as evidenced by the photos we recently received.

The Camo D-Max out in the wilds!

How cool is that! Not a road, or any form of civilisation to be seen AT ALL, and the horizon is a very long way away. This is the beauty of living where we do......

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