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    Drive your dream

    The Bowater Motor Group are ready to exceed your expectations, and make it possible to drive your dream today. A local, family owned company, we have been supporting the community since 1945 - and selling what we feel are the best cars the world has to offer, and servicing all makes and models from onsite workshops we are very proud of. We have a range second to none, with new cars in the showrooms from Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, & Isuzu. There is something for everyone, at every stage, new or used.
  • Hyundai Accent

    Need a a new Accent? See our Used Selection

    If you drive a small car, or are thinking about downsizing to a lower fuel use, more efficient smaller car for around town use, then you need to see the Hyundai Accent. This zippy little hot hatch has it all! Small on size but massive on features across the model range. We have a wide range of quality used vehicles like this one in our central Nelson Yard. Click here to find out more.

  • toyota 86

    Toyota 86: On the Right Track!

    The Toyota 86 is a legend in the making. It is a return to the pure fun of driving. Rear wheel, front engined with a very low centre of gravity. It has been winning Car of the Year awards all over the world, including being named the Top Gear Car of 2012 when it was first released! Fun starts when you press the button. Click here to learn more. New or used, Bowater Toyota can put you on the right track!

Drive your dream with Bowater's

Let's not beat around the bush. Reputations are earnt the hard way.

hilux forestry

The locals love the Toyota Hilux. It has been the regions top selling new vehicle for a very long time. There is a reason for that. We live in a demanding area, and the vehicles we need to use on the land need to be tough enough to cope. The Toyota Hilux has proved time and time again that it is, that is why the companies that rely on it keep coming back. Click here to learn more about the all new 2016 Toyota Hilux. 

Ever since our humble beginnings in downtown Nelson in 1945 the Bowater Motor Group has been very focused on community involvement. We believe that you are only ever as successful as the support that you can give back. It is with this philosophy that we continue to be as involved as we can be in the wider Nelson / Tasman community.
This section of the website houses stories, links and content from a collective of organisations and events that we are involved with or support through sponsorship or partnerships.

The menu to the right has got comprehensive articles from those events, organisations and charities that we regularly involved with, click on the menu items to read more, or scroll down this page to keep up with events as they unfold.

If you think you have an event, organisation or group that would benefit from our community interest feel free to contact us.

The Brook Sanctuary moves into town.

You may have noticed some changes going at Bowater Honda's top showroom over the last couple of weeks. The Brook Waimarama Sanctaury Trust have joined with the Bowater Motor Group on Bowater Honda's prime inner city site on the corner of Rutherford & Hardy Streets, creating a brand new Brook Sanctuary Campaign office.

the signman team
The team from The Signman installing the large posters onto the windows of Bowater Honda, with Bowater Honda CEO Chris Bowater & Brook Sanctuary GM Hudson Dodd.

The new campaign office means that the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust will have a much more visible inner city presence, which will hopefully aid them when it comes to raising funds for the "Get behind the Fence" project, as well as generating a higher public awareness for the entire Sanctuary, and the environmental benefits it has for the entire community.

Play is the Way during Toy Library Awareness week.

 The Toy Library

This week it is Toy Library Awareness week, so a perfect time to take a moment to think about how we encourage our young ones to play in today's modern, fast paced world. It is also a perfect time to learn more about the local Toy Library in Motueka.

When the locals were asked the local Toy Library was nominated to be one of the charities in this years Z Bowater Motors Good in the Hood. They are ion the running for a share of $4,000 depending on the outcome of the votes at Z Bowater Motors during all of March. If after reading the following article about the importance of play to our children's well being you think you would like to help, then here is a very easy way. Just head on into Z Bowater Motors on High Street in Motueka, make a purchase of any size (excluding single tobacco purchases) and you can cast your vote for them. The more votes they get the greater the share of the $4,000 they will receive.

Voting is easy, and every vote counts when it comes to being Good in the Hood.

This March Z Bowater Motors on High Street in Motueka are all about being Good in the Hood again. It is all about you helping us find out what you think is important in our local community.

$4,000 is up for grabs to be shared out amongst the 4 local charities. Every vote counts, and every purchase, big or small, enables you to make a vote. The more votes, the greater the share of the $4,000 your favourite charity gets.

Over the coming days we will get to know each of the 4 charities that you can vote towards getting their share of the $4,000 funding.

Voting is easy, just pop into Z Bowater Motors on High Street and cast your vote in the large box on your way out of the door.

Z Bowater Motors is Good in the Hood again, and giving away $5,000 to the locals

good in the hood

Just like the banner says, it is time for us to be all "Good In The Hood"!

Z Bowater Motors in Motueka are giving away more money this year, $5,000 in fact, to deserving local charities. This is the second time in 12 months that we have been involved in this amazing nationwide Z initiative, and a wonderful opportunity for us all to get stuck in and give back to those that do such a great job in our local community. The best thing is that you don't really have to do anything special, just drop a token in a box on your way out of the Z Bowater Motors Service Station on High Street. Every vote counts, and all 4 charities selected will get a portion of the funding.

Over 4000 applications for the programme were received nationwide in November, and today we are very pleased to be able to publicly announce the following local charities as those successful in this summers local Motueka "Good in the Hood" funding round:

  • Motueka Riding for the Disabled
  • Whenua Iti Outdoors
  • Motueka District Toy Library
  • Victim Support Motueka

These 4 hard working local charities will be up for their share of the funding depending on the results of the voting instore at Z Bowater Motors over the month of March.
How the funding is split up depends entirely on you and your votes.

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